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Monday, July 23, 2007

CAPASSO - DAVOLI, New Archaeological and Papyrological Researches

M. CAPASSO-P. DAVOLI (eds.), New Archaeological and Papyrological Researches
on the Fayyum, Proceedings of the International Meeting of Egyptology and
Papyrology, Lecce, June 8th-10th 2005 = "Papyrologica Lupiensia" 14 (2005)

ALESSANDRO ROCCATI, Indirizzo di saluto.
R.S. BAGNALL, Reflections on the Greek of the Narmouthis ostraka
I. BEGG, Tebtynis: the insula of the papyri in 1934.
M. CAPASSO, Alcuni papiri figurati magici recentemente trovati a Soknopaiou
W. CLARYSSE, Toponymy of Fayyum villages in the Ptolemaic Period.
S. DARIS, Strutture urbanistiche di Soknopaiou Nesos nei papiri greci.
P. DAVOLI, The temple area of Soknopaiou Nesos.
T. DERDA, The Arsinoite komogrammateis and their komogrammateiai in the
Roman Period.
A. JOERDENS, Arsinoitische Landregister aus der Antoninenzeit
S.L. LIPPERT, Die Abmachungen der Priester-Einblicke in das Leben und
Arbeiten in Soknopaiou Nesos.
H. MAEHLER, Le scritture dell'archivio di Zenone e lo sviluppo della corsiva
A. MONSON, Private associations in the Ptolemaic Fayyum: the evidence of
Demotic accounts.
N. PELLE', XĂ©nophon dans le Fayyum.
N. QUENOUILLE, Some aspects of the textile industry in Roman Egypt.
D.W. RATHBONE, Mechanai (waterwheels) in the Roman Fayyum.
F. REITER, Ostraka di Bakchias dalle Campagne di Scavo 1999-2003.
M.A. STADLER, Zwischen Philologie und Archaeologie: das Taegliche Ritual des
Tempels in Soknopaiou Nesos.
D.J. THOMPSON, The exceptionality of the Early Ptolemaic Fayyum.
I. UYTTERHOEVEN, Hawara in the Graeco-Roman Period.
G. WIDMER, Sobek who arises in the Primaeval Ocean (PBM EA 76638 and
PStrasbourg Dem. 31).
A.T. WILBURN, Excavating love magic at Roman Karanis.

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