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Monday, February 27, 2012

Tyche 26

Tyche Band 26 (2011)
Hrsg. Thomas Corsten | Fritz Mitthof | Bernhard Palme | Hans Taeuber
410 Seiten mit 20 Tafeln
24 x 17 cm
EUR 95,--
ISBN: 978-3-902868-07-7
Erscheinungsdatum: Februar 2011

Inhaltsverzeichnis TYCHE 26

•Géza ALFÖLDY, Eine umstrittene Altarinschrift aus Vindobona
•Armin BENAISSA, An Arsinoite Landowner and Clarissimus Magister of a Military Unit
•Lincoln H. BLUMELL, A Second-Century AD Letter of Introduction in the Washington State University Collection
•Francesco CAMIA, Spending on the agones: The financing of festivals in the cities of Roman Greece
•Ulrike EHMIG, Rudolf HAENSCH, Adabei: Prominenz in und aus Epirus
•Denver GRANINGER, ‘In as much land as the Pheraioi rule’: A note on SEG 23, 418
•Ortholf HARL, Polybios bereist um 150 v. Chr. die Cisalpin und besucht die norische Taurisker
•Herbert HEFTNER, Hopliten und Hippeis unter dem Regime der ‚Dreißig Tyrannen’ in Athen
•Katharina KRENN, Cleanders Stellung am Hof des Commodus – zur Deutung des Titels a pugione
•Federico MORELLI, Dal Mar Rosso ad Alessandria: il verso (ma anche il recto) del ‘papiro di Muziris’ (SB XVIII 13167)
•Patrick SÄNGER, Neue Inschriften aus der nördlichen Außenmauer des erheischen Theaters
•Kerstin SÄNGER-BÖHM, Der έπίτροπος χαρτηρᾶς und der procurator rationis chartariae: Zwei Prokuratoren im Dienste der Papyrusversorgung,
•Ekkehard WEBER - Ingrid WEBER-HIDEN, Annona Epigraphica Austriaca 2010

Bemerkungen zu Papyri XXIV - Korr. Tyche
Adnotationes epigraphicae II - Adn. epi.
Buchbesprechungen, Indices, Eingelangte Bücher, Tafeln 1–20

Sunday, February 26, 2012

K.A. Worp, A New Survey of Greek, Coptic, Demotic and Latin Tabulae preserved from Classical Antiquity.

K.A. Worp, A New Survey of Greek, Coptic, Demotic and Latin Tabulae preserved from Classical Antiquity. Version 1.0 February 2012, Leiden / Leuven 2012, 78 pp. ISBN: 978-9-490604-0-59

This freely downloadable publication provides a new survey of inscribed wooden boards from Egypt and the East. Excluded are mummy labels and related texts, various wooden objects carrying inscriptions, carved rather than inked texts, and Arabic, Aramaic and Hebrew boards. It has an appendix on wooden tablets from the West (which we are currently integrating into Trismegistos as well). The order is alphabetical according to the modern toponyms of the collections in which the tabulae are preserved.

REVIEW: B. Kelly, Petitions, Litigation, and Social Control in Roman Egypt.

Benjamin Kelly, Petitions, Litigation, and Social Control in Roman Egypt. Oxford Studies in Ancient Documents.   Oxford; New York:  Oxford University Press, 2011.  Pp. xix, 427.  ISBN 9780199599615.  $150.00.   

Reviewed by Georgy Kantor, New College, University of Oxford (georgy.kantor@new.ox.ac.uk)

Interest in the social history of provincial Roman law and in the reasons for which the provincials decided to resolve their disputes through Roman courts has been steadily growing in the last decade. Kelly’s monograph on the social history of litigation and dispute resolution in early imperial Egypt brings the debate back to its origins in juristic papyrology and is a major contribution to the subject. His main achievement, hard to overestimate, has been to produce, for the first time, a study based not on a small and relatively random sample of legal petitions and court minutes, but on the whole body of the published material: 568 petitions, catalogued in Appendix I, and 227 reports of proceedings, catalogued in Appendix III (Appendix II provides a checklist of petitions which did not involve dispute resolution). For all his prudent admission (p. 332) that the ‘aim of the social historian of ancient law should be typological, not cliometric’ Kelly comes incomparably closer to producing genuine (if rough) statistics than any of his predecessors. Kelly’s approach is informed by wide reading in social theory and anthropology, but he is never in thrall of theoretical approaches from outside the discipline and engages with models based on other pre-modern societies independently and fruitfully.

Table of Contents

Notes for Readers
1. Introduction
2. Petitions and Social History
3. Legal Control in Roman Egypt
4. Who used the justice system?
5. Political Ideologies in the Legal Realm
6. Hierarchy and Group Solidarity
7. Private Dispute Resolution and the Shadow of the Law
8. Vexatious and Vexing Litigation
9. Conclusion
Appendix I: Petitions Involving Disputes
Appendix II: Petitions without Disputes
Appendix III: Reports of Proceedings

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

S. L. James, S. Dillon edd, A Companion to Women in the Ancient World

A Companion to Women in the Ancient World
Sharon L. James (Editor), Sheila Dillon (Editor)
ISBN: 978-1-4051-9284-2
656 pages
February 2012, Wiley-Blackwell
 Noteworthy for papyrologists:

ch. 2 Kasia Szpakowska, Hidden Voices: Unveiling Women in Ancient Egypt ... 25
ch. 23 Maryline Parca, The Women of Ptolemaic Egypt: The View from Papyrology ...316
ch. 37 Jennifer Sheridan Moss, Women in Late Antique Egypt ... 502

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Homer Multitext Project (HMT): Re-editions some Homer Papyri

Below is a version of the Inventory of Texts
I have added links to LDAB and other sources of online information at the home institution of the papyrus wherever possible. I have normalized the papyrological references. The re-editions themselves have an unconventional presentation, and no printable version is yet available.

LDAB 1695 : The Hawara Homer  (fragments of Books 1 and 2) =
 A. H. Syace, in W. M. Fliders Petrie, Hawara, Biahmu and Arsinoe p. 25-28 (descr.)
(Bodl. MS Gr. class. a. 1, photos online at the Center for the Study of Ancient Documents, Oxford ).
Re-edition by:  Amy A. Koenig.

LDAB 1623The Bankes Papyrus =P. Lit. Lond. 28.
The Bankes Papyrus (B.M. Papyrus cxiv), containing Homer, Iliad 24.127–24.804, 
 Re-edition by: C. Dué, C. Blackwell, D. Creasey, K. Elliott, T. Lattimore, B. Stonecipher, 
(a new electronic edition based on digital imagery, with additional semantic markup).

LDAB 2350: Allen West Sutton P609 (Iliad 10.421-10.434, 10.445-10.460)   = A.T. Edwards, ZPE 56 (1984), p. 11-15, P. Mich. inv. 6972.
Re-edition by: Alexander Loney, after the ed.pr. of A.T. Edwards.

LDAB 2376:  Allen-Sutton-West Iliad P12 (fragments of Books 21, 22, 23) = P. Grenf. 2.4, P. Hibeh 1.22, P. Heidelberg 1262, 1263, 1264, 1265, 1266
 Re-edition by: Joseph Miller, after the edition of S. West, The Ptolemaic papyri of Homer p. 74-90.

LDAB 2335:Allen-Sutton-West P37. = P.Tebt. I.4
Re-edition by: Bart Huelsenbeck, after the ed.pr. B. P. Grenfell, A. S. Hunt, J. Gilbart Smyly.

LDAB 2374Iliad P 59 (fragment of Book 16) = P. Rylands 1.49. (Not yet online)
Re-edition by: Joseph Miller, ed., after S. West, The Ptolemaic papyri of Homer p. 131.

LDAB 2341Allen Sutton West P53  (fragment of Book 1)  = ed.pr. PSI 15 1454.
 Re-edition by: Bart Huelsenbeck,  after the edition of S. West, The Ptolemaic papyri of Homer p. 32-35.

LDAB 2346Iliad P41 (fragments of Books 3, 4, 5) = P. Grenf. 2 3, P. Hibeh 1 20 = P. Lit. Lond. 10. 
 Re-edition by: Joseph Miller,  after the edition of S. West, The Ptolemaic papyri of Homer p. 64-70.

LDAB 2377Iliad P7 (fragments of Book 8) = P. Grenf. 2 2, P. Hibeh 1  21, P. Heidelberg 1260, P. Heidelberg 1261
Re-edition by: Alexander Loney, after the edition of S. West, The Ptolemaic papyri of Homer p. 74-90.

LDAB 1883Iliad P425 (fragments of Book 10) = BKT 9 57 (Not yet online)
Redition by: Bart Huelsenbeck and Alexander Loney,  after ed.pr. of  H. Maehler; W. Müller; G. Poethke.

LDAB 2209Iliad P46 (fragments of Books 2, 10, 11) =  P. Aphrod. Lit.  no. I
Re-edition by: Alexander Loney, after  the ed.pr. of  J.-L. Fournet.

LDAB 2754Iliad H87 (fragments of Books 16, 17)  = P. Cairo 60565 W.G. Waddell in Mélanges Maspero 2. Orient grec, romain et byzantin p. 145-148 no. 1.
Re-edition by: Alexander Loney, after  the ed.pr. of  W. G. Waddell.

LDAB 2409Iliad H117 (fragment of Book 3) = P. Michaelidae 5 
Re-edition by: Bart Huelsenbeck, after the edition of  S. West, The Ptolemaic papyri of Homer p. 70-71.

LDAB 2366Iliad P5 (fragments of Books 11, 12) = J. Nicole, Rev. Phil. 18 (1894), p. 104-111 no. 6 (Geneva, Bibliothèque P. Gr. 90).
Re-edition by: Joseph Miller and Bart Huelsenbeck,  after  the edition of  S. West, The Ptolemaic papyri of Homer p. 107-117.

LDAB 2373Iliad P8 (fragments of Book 11) P. Petrie 1.3 [4] = P. Lit. Lond. 21. 
Re-edition by: Joseph Miller and Bart Huelsenbeck, after the edition of  S. West,  The Ptolemaic papyri of Homer p. 103-107.

LDAB 1276Iliad P51 (fragment of Book 18) P. Berol. inv. 9774. 
Re-edition by: Joseph Miller and Bart Huelsenbeck,  after  the edition of  S. West,  The Ptolemaic papyri of Homer p. 132-136.

LDAB 2274Iliad Allen Sutton West P177 (fragments of Book 4) = P. Iand. 1 2.
Re-edition by: Bart Huelsenbeck, Andrew Corley, David Creasy, Kylie Elliott, Talley Lattimore, Brett Stonecipher, Blake Williams,  after the edition of E. Schaefer, ed.pr.

LDAB 2289Iliad Allen-Sutton-West P84 (fragments of Book 24) = P. Ryl. 1 51.
Bart Huelsenbeck, Andrew Corley, David Creasy, Kylie Elliott, Talley Lattimore, Brett Stonecipher, Blake Williams,  after the edition of A. S. Hunt, ed.pr.

LDAB 2288Iliad Allen-Sutton-West P132 (fragments of Books 1 and 2) = P.Ryl. 1 44.
Re-edition by: Bart Huelsenbeck, Blake Williams, A. S. Hunt, ed.pr.

LDAB 2333Iliad P 217 (Iliad  12 (M)128-140, 176-191, 249-263, 355-370, 374, 399-412, 446-458.) = P. Lit. Lond. 251 and P. Harris 1 36
Re-edition by: Bart Huelsenbeck, Blake Williams,  after the edition of S. West,  The Ptolemaic Papyri of Homer, pp. 118 ff.

LDAB 2188Iliad P 219  (Fragment of Book 13) P.Bour. 5 = (P.Sorbonne inv. 830—not yet online
Re-edition by: Bart Huelsenbeck, Blake Williams, after A. S. Hunt, Catalogue of the Greek Papyri in the John Rylands Library, pp. 81-2.

LDAB 2031Iliad P 265  (Fragment of Book 1) = P. Reinach inv. 2089
Re-edition by: Bart Huelsenbeck, Blake Williams,  after the edition of P. Collart and A. Bataille "Paprus d'Homere," in Aegyptus 11 (1931), 169-70.

LDAB 2367Iliad P432 (Fragments of Books 11 and 12) = P. 2 Hamburg 153 
Re-edition by: Bart Huelsenbeck, Andrew Corley, David Creasy, Kylie Elliott, Talley Lattimore, Brett Stonecipher, Blake Williams,  after the edition of S. West, The Ptolemaic Papyri of Homer, pp. 91-103.
LDAB 2353Iliad Allen-Sutton-West P266 (Fragment of Book 1) = Sorb. 1. 1.
Re-edition by: Bart Huelsenbeck, Lia Campbell,  after the ed.pr. of H. Cadell.

LDAB 2388Iliad P 269 (P. Tebt. 3.2 898) (Fragment of Book 1)
 Re-edition by: Bart Huelsenbeck, Andrew Corley, David Creasy, Kylie Elliott, Talley Lattimore, Brett Stonecipher, Blake Williams, after the edition of S. West, The Ptolemaic Papyri of Homer, pp. 36-38.

LDAB 1485Iliad P 309 (Fragments of Book 1, Line 1) = W. G. Waddell,  Études de papyrologie, 1. (1932), pp. 16-17.
Re-edition by: Alexander Loney, Andrew Corley, David Creasy, Kylie Elliott, Talley Lattimore, Brett Stonecipher, Blake Williams, after the ed.pr. of Waddell.

LDAB 2381Iliad P 317 (now h59 acc. to LDAB) = N. Lewis, Et. de Pap. 3 (1936), p. 46-48 no. 1
 Re-edition by: Bart Huelsenbeck, Andrew Corley, David Creasy, Kylie Elliott, Talley Lattimore, Brett Stonecipher, Blake Williams,  after the edition of S. West,  The Ptolemaic Papyri of Homer, pp. 73-4.

LDAB 2344Iliad w 14 (Fragments quoting books  Iliad 2.848a; 5.746; 9.230-231; 13.505; 14.349-350;) = P. Hamb. 2 137
Re-edition by: Bart Huelsenbeck, and Blake Williams,  after the edition of S. West, The Ptolemaic Papyri of Homer, pp. 59-62.

LDAB 2384Iliad P 391 (P.Berol. inv. 17054) (Fragment of Book 3) 
Re-edition by: Bart Huelsenbeck, Andrew Corley, David Creasy, Kylie Elliott, Talley Lattimore, Brett Stonecipher, Blake Williams,  after the edition of S. West,  The Ptolemaic Papyri of Homer, pp. 62-63.

LDAB 2349: Allen Sutton West P354 (Fragments of Book 1) P. Ryl. 3 539.
Re-edition by: Alexander Loney, Joseph Miller, Lia Campbell, Blake Williams,  after the edition of West, S., The Ptolemaic Papyri of Homer. 1967: 28-32.

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Bulletin of Online Emendations to Papyri

Version 1.1 (February 6, 2012) 
Rodney Ast and James Cowey (eds.) 
Institut für Papyrologie, Universität Heidelberg 
Marstallstrasse 6, D-69117 Heidelberg 

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

REVIEW: Ian Storey, Fragments of Old Comedy, Volumes i-iii (Loeb)

Bryn Mawr Classical Review 2012.02.26

Ian C. Storey (trans.), Fragments of Old Comedy, Volume I: Alcaeus to Diocles. Loeb classical library, 513. Cambridge, MA; London: Harvard University Press, 2011. Pp. xlvi, 449. ISBN 9780674996625. $24.00.

Ian C. Storey (trans.), Fragments of Old Comedy, Volume II: Diopeithes to Pherecrates. Loeb classical library, 514. Cambridge, MA; London: Harvard University Press, 2011. Pp. xi, 520. ISBN 9780674996632. $24.00.

Ian C. Storey (trans.), Fragments of Old Comedy, Volume III: Philonicus to Xenophon; adespota. Loeb classical library, 515. Cambridge, MA; London: Harvard University Press, 2011. Pp. xi, 464. ISBN 9780674996779. $24.00.

Reviewed by Athina Papachrysostomou, University of Patras (athinapap@upatras.gr)

An edition of Old Comedy’s fragmentary material accompanied by an English translation has long been a desideratum for classicists in general and in particular for those among us who have a special interest in fragments. Kassel's and Austin’s key edition of Poetae Comici Graeci marked a crucial step towards a better and fuller understanding of fragmentarily surviving Greek Comedy; Storey’s three-volume edition marks another.

Particularly praiseworthy is Storey’s effective handling of comic material surviving on papyri; I am specifically thinking of the way he handles the cases of Cratinus Πλοῦτοι fr. 171, Eupolis Δῆμοι frr. 99-101, Μαρικᾶς fr. 192, Προσπάλτιοι fr. 259, etc., where he achieves a sensible rendering of these badly mutilated papyri scraps. Laudable is also his attempt to assign most of Eupolis’ unassigned fragments (II.236-265)

REVIEW: Rodolfo Funari (ed.), Corpus dei papiri storici greci e latini. Parte B: storici latini. 1. Autori noti. Vol. 1: Titus Livius.

Bryn Mawr Classical Review 2012.02.27

Rodolfo Funari (ed.), Corpus dei papiri storici greci e latini. Parte B: storici latini. 1. Autori noti. Vol. 1: Titus Livius.   Pisa; Roma:  Fabrizio Serra editore, 2011.  Pp. 277.  ISBN 9788862273480.  €185.00 (pb).   

Reviewed by Jacqueline Austin, London (jacqueline@netaxis.co.uk)

This projected series, the ‘Corpus dei Papiri Storici Greci e Latini’ (CPS), is chiefly the brainchild of renowned papyrologist Mario Capasso at the University of Salento. Its aim, as he expressed the case for it in a paper published in 1997 and which I paraphrase, is ‘to give life to the collection of fragments of Greek and Latin historical writing preserved upon papyrus, and also of [later] testimonies relating to the same.’ Today, a team of scholars, papyrologists, historians of the ancient world and specialists in Greek and Latin literature, both Italian and of other nationalities, are working to realise CPS under the direction of an editorial committee led by Emilio Gabba. ‘We are perfectly aware’, writes Capasso, ‘that our project is extremely difficult and that its realisation will demand a very long time.’ His initiative is obviously to be welcomed for highlighting, as it does here, those sadly fragmentary, Greek and Roman historical texts which frequently languish unused in our libraries. Yet I cannot help but feel that, at least for this particular publication of Livy fragments, the brief is too wide. The finished volume tries to serve the needs of such a diverse range of scholars that it will probably finish by pleasing, in entirety, very few.

Etc. at BMCR

Publisher's info: at LIBRAWEB

1Corpus dei papiri storici greci e latini. Parte B. Storici latini. 1. Autori noti. Titus Livius, a cura di Rodolfo Funari, 2011, pp. 284 con IX tavole in bicromia n.t. 


Fabrizio Serra editore, Pisa · Roma

Molti anni dopo le prime pubblicazioni, per questa nuova edizione dei papiri di Tito Livio l'Autore ha compiuto un esame autoptico completo sia dei frammenti di un'Epitoma liviana scoperti su un rotolo di papiro rinvenuto a Oxyrhynchus (dei quali ampi resti sono conservati nella British Library in London, mentre una sottile striscia da una colonna si trova nell'Egyptian Museum al Cairo), sia del frammento dal libro I degli Annales, anche questo proveniente da un rotolo di papiro rinvenuto a Oxyrhynchus, che si conserva nella Bodleian Library di Oxford. Per quanto riguarda invece un nuovo frammento di pergamena, a buon diritto attribuito allo stesso Livio, scoperto assai più di recente presso Naqlun e ora conservato nel Coptic Museum al Cairo, il volume si basa, oltre che sull'ispezione delle fotografie, sulla meticolosa e puntualissima analisi che ne è stata offerta nella prima edizione. L'autore ha integrato direttamente nel testo edito soprattutto quelle lezioni di cui si sia conservata almeno qualche traccia e che si possano perciò ritenere un po' più sicure. Altre integrazioni, e specialmente molte delle congetture, sono riportate negli apparati critici. Tale scelta è dettata dall'esigenza di riproporre fedelmente le genuine vestigia dei papiri. La traduzione aggiunge talvolta alcune parole o frasi, desunte da interpretazioni e integrazioni, specialmente dove l'originale è lacunoso. Le questioni linguistiche e storiche, filologiche e papirologiche sono affrontate nell'ampio commento.

Sommario: PremessaAbbreviazioni bibliografiche. Titi Livi codices; editiones, adnotationes antiquioresPeriocharum codices; editiones, adnotationes antiquioresAuctores GraeciAuctores Latini.GrammaticiAbbreviazioni usate negli apparatiSigle usate negli apparatiAltre abbreviazioniAvvertente. Papiri e ricezione di Livio nell'Egitto romano. POxy IV 68 + PSI XII 1291; POxy XI 1379; PNaqlun inv. 15/86. Tavola di concordanza per POxy IV 668. Tavole.

Composto in carattere Dante Monotype.
Legatura in brossura pesante con copertina in cartone in tondo Magnani blu con impressioni in oro o legatura in tela. Sovraccoperta in cartoncino Vergatone Magnani avorio con stampa a due colori.

Brossura / Paperback: Euro 185.00   

Rilegato / Hardback: Euro 370.00 

E-Book: Euro 185.00  

ISBN: 978-88-6227-348-0
ISBN Rilegato: 978-88-6227-347-3
E-ISBN: 978-88-6227-341-1
ISSN: 1970-142X
SKU: 2562

Saturday, February 11, 2012

I Rutherford, D. Obbink, Culture In Pieces: Essays on Ancient Texts in Honour of Peter Parsons

Culture In Pieces
Essays on Ancient Texts in Honour of Peter Parsons
Edited by Dirk Obbink and Richard Rutherford

This volume originated in a conference of the same title, held in Oxford in September 2006, to celebrate the 70th birthday of Peter Parsons, Regius Professor of Greek at Oxford from 1989 to 2003. The contributors, who are former pupils, colleagues or collaborators with Peter Parsons, share a deep admiration for him and his work. Peter Parsons has, throughout his career, been engaged in research on newly discovered papyrus texts, and such texts play an important part in this volume's discussions. He has also constantly sought to use these texts to illuminate the literary and cultural history of antiquity. The essays in this volume are suitably diverse, reflecting the broad interests of the honorand: they straddle prose and verse, literary and subliterary texts, addressing both theoretical issues and specific practical problems of interpretation which contribute to the difficulties faced in giving form and meaning to the diverse and fragmentary evidence of ancient literary history - to give some kind of partial unity to 'culture in pieces'.

Broader topics considered include the methodology of editing fragments, the problems of identifying authorship (New Comedy being treated as a test case), the ambiguities of texts which may or may not be read as ironic, and the development of the Greek novel. Among major authors treated are Pindar, Euripides, Menander, Callimachus, and Ovid. The volume also includes an introduction outlining Peter Parsons's career and achievements, and a bibliography of his publications.


  • Fully illustrated with the important papyrus texts discussed, as well as a substantial colour plate section.
  • Includes a complete and up to date bibliography of the writings of Peter Parsons.
  • Includes texts in an improved form or not easily accessible elsewhere.

About the Author(s)

Dirk Obbink has held positions at Columbia and Ann Arbor. He was appointed University Lecturer in Papyrology in 1995 and has taught in Oxford since.

Richard Rutherford has been Tutor in Greek and Latin Literature at Christ Church College, Oxford, since 1982.

Table of Contents

List of Illustrations
Abbreviations and Conventions
Notes on Contributors
Richard Rutherford and Dirk Obbink

1. Vanishing Conjecture: The Recovery of Lost Books from Aristotle to EcoDirk Obbink
2. Pindar as a Man of Letters , M. L. West
3. The Papyri of Herodotus , S. R. West
4. The Use and Abuse of Irony , Richard Rutherford
5. Greek Letters in Hellenistic Bactria , Adrian Hollis
6. Menander and his Rivals: New Light from the Comic Adespota on Papyri? H.-G. Nesselrath
7. The Rediscovery of Menander , Eric Handley
8. My Daughter and her Dowry : Smikrines in Menander Epitrepontes , Colin Austin
9. More Facts from Fragments , Annette Harder
10. Remapping the Mediterranean: The Argo Adventure in Apollonius and Callimachus , Susan Stephens
11. Theudotus of Lipara (Callimachus, fr. 93 Pf.) , Giulio Massimilla
12. The Reputation of Callimachus , Richard Hunter
13. Telling Tales: Ovid s Metamorphoses and Callimachus ,Gregory Hutchinson
14. On Ancient Prose Rhythm: The Story of the Dichoreus , Michael Winterbottom
15. Alexander of Aphrodisias, De prouidentia: Greek Fragments and Arabic Versions , Christoph Riedweg
16. Missing Pages: Papyrology, Genre, and the Greek Novel, Albert Henrichs
Bibliography of Peter Parsons

ISBN13: 9780199292011
ISBN10: 0199292019
Hardback, 368 pages
Jul 2012, In Stock
Price: $150.00 (06)
Shipping Details

ZPE 180 (2012)

Antonetti, C. – Cavalli, E., Il fondo epigrafico Petsas presso l’Università Ca’ Foscari Venezia: iscrizioni di Termo 173 Arbabzadah, M., The Disappearing Man: λακίνει / Λακινει⟨ν⟩ in a Greek Curse Tablet ... 253
Bassino, P., Certamen Homeri et Hesiodi: nuovi spunti per una riconsiderazione delle testimonianze papiracee  ... 38 
Begass, Ch., Bemerkungen zum spätantiken Rangtitel ὑπερφυέστατος in den Papyri  ... 279
Collins, A. W., Cleomenes of Naucratis, Heroonpolis, and the Revenue from Red Sea Tradeunder Alexander the Great  ... 237 
Daris, S., Su qualche toponimo dell’Ossirinchite  ... 263 
Dickey, E. – Ferri, R., A New Edition of the Colloquium Harleianum Fragment in P.Prag. 2.118 ...  127 
Diggle, J., Two Notes on Eur. Bacchae (64 and 370)  ... 48 
Eck, W. – Pangerl, A., L. Minicius Natalis in einem weiteren Militärdiplom für Pannonia superior  ... 287
–, Ein weiteres Diplom aus einer Konstitution für die Truppen von Moesia inferior vom 14. August 99 n. Chr.  ... 295 
Evans, T. V., The Optative at PMichZen 36. 3: Addendum ... 278 
Finglass, P. J., Epicharmus’ Monkey ...  51
Furley, W. D., Revisiting Some Textual Problems in the Delian Sarapis Aretalogy by Maiistas
(IG XI 4 no. 1299)  ... 117
Gärtner, Th., Der Erotikerkatalog in der Elegie „Leontion“ des Hermesianax von Kolophon: Überlegungen zu Aufbau und Überlieferung  ... 77 
Jones, C. P., Zeus Anabatênos and Zeus Kersoullos  ... 233 
Kayachev, B., The So-Called Orphic Gold Tablets in Ancient Poetry and Poetics  ... 17
Keesling, C. M., The Marathon Casualty List from Eua-Loukou and the Plinthedon Style in Attic Inscriptions  ... 139 
Klingenberg, A., Caracalla, der Lebensretter: Bemerkungen zu CIL XIV 2596 ...  302
Ma, J., Travelling Statues, Travelling Bases? Ancient Statues in Constantinople ...  243 
Mack, W., The Eresian Catalogue of Proxenoi (IG XII suppl. 127) ...  217 
Mancuso, G., Eracle, gli Arcadi e Platone comico (ancora su P.Oxy. 2737) ...  53 
Marginesu, G., χρῆσθαι λίθοις καὶ γῆι in un decreto del demo del Pireo (SEG 33.143.1–7) ...  153 
McLeod, D., Contract for the Sale of a Slave ...  256 
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R.S. Bagnall, J.G. Keenan, L.S.B. Macoull, A Sixth-Century Tax Register from the Hermopolite Nome

A Sixth-Century Tax Register from the Hermopolite Nome

edited by Roger S. Bagnall, James G. Keenan, and Leslie S.B. MacCoull

This volume publishes the most complete documentary codex from 6th-century Egypt. Known to the scholarly world since 1905 and frequently cited since then, it now appears for the first time in full edition. The codex details money taxes paid by landowners at the village of Temseu Skordon and the hamlet Topos Demeou in the Hermopolite Nome. The language is Greek but with extensive Coptic influence. The text is especially important for its bearing on nomenclature, language, taxation and gold-to-copper monetary conversions. 
225p, 4 plates (American Society Papyrologists, American Studies in Papyrology 51, 2011)

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G, Ruffini, A Prosopography of Byzantine Aphrodito (ASP 50)

A Prosopography of Byzantine Aphrodito

American Studies in Papyrology 50)

by Giovanni Roberto Ruffini

This volume, which replaces Girgis's outdated prosopography from 1938, is an annotated record of every person attested in the Byzantine-era papyri from the middle Egyptian village of Aphrodito. Its papyri make Aphrodito the best attested village for this time period with implications for the study of rural life throughout Late Antiquity. For each entry, the author lists all the relevant texts and all known information about that person's social status, political position and family relations with a summary of activities for each attestation. The volume is indispensable for any scholar working with texts from Aphrodito and valuable for all concerned specifically with Egypt and more generally with rural life in Late Antiquity. 634p (American Society Papyrologists 2011)

ISBN-13: 978-0-9799758-2-0
ISBN-10: 0-9799758-2-4
Hardback. Price US $84.99