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Thursday, August 15, 2013

L. Koenen, J. Kaimio, M. Kaimio, R. W. Daniel edd., Petra Papyri II (P.Petra II)

From Barbara A. Porter, ACOR Director

ACOR is pleased to announce the publication in summer 2013 of

The Petra Papyri II, edited by Ludwig Koenen, Jorma Kaimio, Maarit Kaimio, and Robert W. Daniel (2013). With contributions by Antti Arjava, Matias Buchholz, Robert C. Caldwell, Hani Ali Falahat, William H. Finch, Jaakko Frösén, Traianos Gagos, Omar al-Ghul, Ahmad M. Al-Jallad, Clement A. Kuehn, Marjo Lehtinen, and Tiina Purola. Plates prepared by Maija Holappa and layout by Isabelle Ruben.

This volume contains the edition of a single document, P. Petra 17, concerned with a division of property amongst three brothers and encompassing buildings, vineyards, and grainfields in the village of Serila, in an area called Ogbana, and in the city of Petra. The document bears the name Papyrus Petra Khaled and Suha Shoman.

It is a large format (33 x 25 cm), cloth-bound volume with 236 pages including 14 plates. One more volume is in preparation, and the complete five-volume series will provide full coverage of the carbonized Greek papyri found in December 1993 during excavations undertaken by ACOR at the Petra Church. (ISBN 978-9957-8543-6-2).

The cost to purchase this volume and previously published volumes is:
Vol. I (2002)                        $50 purchased at ACOR; with shipping total $80
Vol. II (2013)            $60 purchased at ACOR; with shipping total $100
Vol. III            (2007)            $60 purchased at ACOR; with shipping total $100
Vol. IV (2011)            $60 purchased at ACOR; with shipping total $100

Table of Contents:
Preface and Acknowledgments by B. A. Porter...vii
Foreword by L. Koenen, J. Kaimio, M. Kaimio, and R.W. Daniel  ... ix
Bibliography and Abbreviations compiled by M. Buchholz ... xi
 Terms Pertaining to Dwellings and Agriculture in 17
                                    by L. Koenen, J. Kaimio, M. Kaimio,
                                    and R.W. Daniel  ... 1
The Arabic Toponyms and Oikonyms in 17
                                    by A.M. Al-Jallad, O. al-Ghul, and R.W. Daniel ... 23
Vestiges of the Toponyms of 17 in Wadi Musa?
                                    by H.A. Falahat and R.W. Daniel  ... 49
17. Division of Property among Three Brothers by L. Koenen,
     J. Kaimio, M. Kaimio, and R.W. Daniel  ... 51
1. The Physical Format of the Papyrus ... 51
2. The Writing ... 53
3. The Parties of the Division and Other Persons ... 54
4. The Date ... 58
5. The Structure of the Document ...  60
6. Landed Property ... 64
6.1. Form of the Entries ... 64
6.2. Entire or Split Plots? ... 67
6.3. Τό(ποϲ), “Plot” or “Area?” ... 70
6.4. The Identification of Plots ... 74
6.5. Plot Charts ...  76
7. Dwellings and Related Property ... 81
7.1. Form of the Entries ... 81
7.2. The Aule Darath al-Ebad and Neighboring Houses in Serila ... 83
7.3. The Large Aule with Watchtower in Serila ... 85
7.4. Agricultural Facilities in Serila ... 86
7.5. Dwellings and Related Property in Petra ... 86
8. The Balance of the Division ... 88
                  Text ... 91
                  Translation ... 96                 
                  Commentary ... 99
                  A Selection of Unplaced Fragments ... 152
                  The Reconstructed Order of the Fragments ...159
                  Concordance of Line Numbers  ... 165
Index to Volumes I, II, III, and IV by T. Purola  ... 167
Introduction to the Plates by L. Koenen and M. Kaimio ... 195
Plates prepared by M. Holappa ... 197
Concordance ...  213
Illustration Credits

G. Bastianini, A. Casanova edd. I PAPIRI DI ESCHILO E DI SOFOCLE

Atti del convegno internazionale di studi
Firenze 14-15 giugno 2012

a cura di G. Bastianini e A. Casanova

(Edizioni dell'Istituto Papirologico «G. Vitelli» 2)

Firenze, Firenze University Press 2013

pp. VIII + 246 + 10 tavv.

ISBN 978-88-6655-386-1 (print)
ISBN 978-88-6655-387-8 (online)


volume sedicesimo
nn. 1575-1653

a cura di G. Bastianini, F. Maltomini, G. Messeri

(Edizioni dell'Istituto Papirologico «G. Vitelli» 1)

Firenze, Firenze University Press 2013

pp. XXVIII + 346 + 56 tavv.

ISBN 978-88-6655-382-3 (print)
ISBN 978-88-6655-383-0 (online)

Sunday, August 11, 2013

S. Huebner, The Family in Roman Egypt

The Family in Roman Egypt

A Comparative Approach to Intergenerational Solidarity and Conflict

AUTHOR: Sabine R. Huebner
Cambridge University Press

Product details
PUBLISHED: No date available
FORMAT: Hardback
ISBN: 9781107011137
LENGTH: 272 pages
DIMENSIONS: 234 x 155 x 23 mm
WEIGHT: 0.55kg
CONTAINS: 2 b/w illus. 1 map 2 tables
AVAILABILITY: Not yet published - available from September 2013

This study captures the dynamics of the everyday family life of the common people in Roman Egypt, a social strata that constituted the vast majority of any pre-modern society but rarely figures in ancient sources or in modern scholarship. The documentary papyri and, above all, the private letters and the census returns provide us with a wealth of information on these people not available for any other region of the ancient Mediterranean. The book discusses such things as family composition and household size and the differences between urban and rural families, exploring what can be ascribed to cultural patterns, economic considerations and/or individual preferences by setting the family in Roman Egypt into context with other pre-modern societies where families adopted such strategies to deal with similar exigencies of their daily lives.
Table of Contents

1. Intergenerational solidarity and family support networks in cross-cultural perspective
2. Household structures, marriage patterns and inheritance strategies
3. Balancing benefits and obligations – parents and children over the life course
4. Widowhood, remarriage and residence patterns
5. Growing old in the household
6. The patriarchal household and the incoming daughter-in-law
7. Childless old age – the worst of all fates?
8. Conclusions.

U. Yiftach-Firanko, The Letter: Law, State, Society and the Epistolary Format in the Ancient World

The Letter
Law, State, Society and the Epistolary Format in the Ancient World 
Proceedings of a Colloquium held at the American Academy in Rome 28-30.9.2008
ed. Yiftach-Firanko, Uri

Marburger altertumskundliche Abhandlungen 55, 1
Herausgegeben von Joachim Hengstl, Torsten Mattern, Robert Rollinger, Kai Ruffing und Orell Witthuhn
 volume: 55,1
pages/dimensions: 210 Pages - 16 ill., 6 tables, 4 graphs
language: English
binding: Paperback
publishing date: 1. Aufl. 07.2013
price info: 56,00 Eur[D] / 55,60 Eur[A] / 71,90 CHF
ISBN:  978-3-447-06764-5

Table of Contents

List of Abbreviations ... 7
Foreword ... 11
Sophie Démare-Lafont, Michele Faraguna, Uri Yiftach-Firanko Introduction ... 13
Sophie Démare-Lafont
La lettre comme instrument de l’administration royale en Mésopotamie  ... 29
Dominique Charpin
« Garde ma lettre en témoignage »: Le rôle de la correspondance dans le système juridique mésopotamien de la première moitié du deuxième millénaire av. n. è. ... 45
Eva Cancik-Kirschbaum
Middle Assyrian Summonses: The Epistolary Format in Judicial Procedures  ... 61
Paola Ceccarelli
The Use (and Abuse) of Letters in the Speeches of the Attic Orators ... 83
Edward M. Harris
Were there Business Agents in Classical Greece? The Evidence of Some Lead Letters  ...  105
James Sickinger
Greek Letters on Stone ... 125
Ingo Kottsieper
Briefe als Rechtsurkunden: Zu einigen aramäischen Briefen des Aršames ...  141
Mark Depauw
The Evolution and Use of Demotic Contracts in Epistolary Form  ...  155
Katelijn Vandorpe
Greek and Demotic Loan Agreements in Epistolary Style. Formalisation and Registration in the later Ptolemaic Period  ...  171
Andrea Jördens
Hybride Cheirographa ...   187
Sophie Kovarik
Der Brief in der Urkunde: Zur Briefform in spätantiken Verträgen ...  201
Éva Jaka
Urkunden in Briefform: Chirographum und Epistula im römischen Privatrecht  ...  219
Johannes Platschek
Pecunia constituta und stipulatio: Grenzen des Rechtsschutzes für formlose Geschäfte im römischen Recht  ...  239

Bibliography ...  251 
Index Locorum  ...  273 
Plates ... 307

K. Buraselis, D.J. Thompson, The Ptolemies, the Sea and the Nile Studies in Waterborne Power

The Ptolemies, the Sea and the Nile
Studies in Waterborne Power
Cambridge University Press

Kostas Buraselis, University of Athens, GreeceMary Stefanou, University of Athens, Greece
Dorothy J. Thompson, Girton College, Cambridge
View all contributors

PUBLISHED: No date available
FORMAT:  Hardback
ISBN: 9781107033351

With its emphasis on the dynasty's concern for control of the sea – both the Mediterranean and the Red Sea – and the Nile, this book offers a new and original perspective on Ptolemaic power in a key period of Hellenistic history. Within the developing Aegean empire of the Ptolemies, the role of the navy is examined together with that of its admirals. Egypt's close relationship to Rhodes is subjected to scrutiny, as is the constant threat of piracy to the transport of goods on the Nile and by sea. Along with the trade in grain came the exchange of other products. Ptolemaic kings used their wealth for luxury ships and the dissemination of royal portraiture was accompanied by royal cult. Alexandria, the new capital of Egypt, attracted poets, scholars and even philosophers; geographical exploration by sea was a feature of the period and observations of the time enjoyed a long afterlife.
Adopts an original approach to the Hellenistic period and a new set of questions
Employs a variety of specialist methodological viewpoints, without resorting to scholarly jargon
Provides much of value to readers interested in the subject of sea power in other historical periods

Table of Contents

In memoriam F. W. Walbank Christian Habicht
1. Introduction Kostas Buraselis and Dorothy J. Thompson
2. The Ptolemaic League of Islanders Andrew Meadows
3. Callicrates of Samos and Patroclus of Macedon: champions of Ptolemaic thalassocracy Hans Hauben
4. Rhodes and the Ptolemaic kingdom: the commercial infrastructure Vincent Gabrielsen
5. Polybius and Ptolemaic sea power Andrew Erskine
6. Ptolemaic grain, seaways and power Kostas Buraselis
7. Waterborne recruits: the military settlers of Ptolemaic Egypt Mary Stefanou
8. Our academic visitor is missing: Posidippus 89 (A-B) and 'smart capital' for the thalassocrats Paul McKechnie
9. Aspects of the diffusion of Ptolemaic portraiture overseas Olga Palagia
10. Ptolemies and piracy Lucia Criscuolo
11. The Nile police in the Ptolemaic period Thomas Kruse
12. Hellenistic royal barges Dorothy J. Thompson
13. Eudoxus of Cyzicus and Ptolemaic exploration of the sea route to India Christian Habicht
14. Timosthenes and Eratosthenes: sea routes and Hellenistic geography Francesco Prontera
15. Claudius Ptolemy on Egypt and East Africa Klaus Geus.

AEGYPTUS Anno XC (2010)


E. BRESCIANI, Tre “borracce del Nuovo Anno” in miniatura ... 5
A. WOJCIECHOWSKA, The Ushabti of King Aspelta  ... 11
S. MASTROPAOLO, Due termini differenti per indicare la capra nell’antico
Egitto  15
G. DEL MASTRO, Il papiro Johannowsky: un papiro di Thmouis? ... 23
A. MIROŃCZUK, Notes on Two Herodotean Papyri  ... 37
C. BALCONI, Tre ordini di consegna inediti provenienti dalla Grande Oasi ... 41
K. WORP, SB XII 10930 Revised ... 53
S. STRASSI, R. PINTAUDI, Frammento di brogliaccio con menzione di ἀποκρίματα
mata sul verso di un registro di proprietà  ... 57
A. SOFIA, La figura dell’arpista in P.Wien KHM 3877: influssi della commedia greca e del mimo dorico siracusano ... 69
HÉLÈNE PERDICOYIANNI-PALÉOLOGOU, The Endophoric Use of οὖτος, ἐκεῖνος, αὐτός in Philodemus’s On Piety ... 89
G. NOCCHI MACEDO, Réexamen du dessin du Codex Miscellaneus de Montser-
rat (P.Montserrat inv. nr. 154 = MP3 2916.41)  ... 99
E. LUCCHESI, Les recensions sahidique et bohaïriques d’une prière attribuée à Sévère d’Antioche ... 119
N. VANTHIEGEN, Un reçu pour l’impôt foncier ou pour la capitation. Édition de P.Stras. Inv. G 2554 ... 143
P. GROSSMANN, Antinoopolis January/Februar 2010. Arbeiten in der Kirche
D3 ... 147
P. GROSSMANN, Antinoopolis October 2010. On the Church beside the Eastern
Gate ... 165
P. GROSSMANN, Antinoopolis January/February and October 2011. Work in
the Church D3 and in the Court Building of Dayr Sumbat ...183 Necrologi:
G. BASTIANINI, Manfredo Manfredi ...207
H. MELAERTS, Georges Nachtergael ... 221
Testi recentemente pubblicati ...223
MARCO BOTTI, Dal Monte Rosa alla Terra dei Faraoni – Giuseppe Botti, una
vita per i papiri dell’antico Egitto, Trento 2011 (S. CURTO) ... 299 MARCO VIRGINIO FIORINI, Nel cantiere della Grande Piramide. Gli architetti
svelati, Torino 2012 (S. CURTO) ... 300
ELIZABETH DONNELLY CARNEY, Arsinoë of Egypt and Macedon: A Royal Life,
Oxford 2013 (B. F. VAN OPPEN DE RUITER) ... 302
AA.VV., Graeco-Roman Fayum-Texts and Archaeology, Proceedings of the Third International Fayum Symposion, ed. by SANDRA LIPPERT and MAREN SHENTULEIT, Wiesbaden 2008 (S. MASTROPAOLO) ... 305
AA.VV., Papiri Filosofici. Miscellanea di Studi VI (STCPF, 16), Firenze 2011
(D. MINUTOLI) ... 308
Libri ricevuti ... 31

Analecta Papyrologica, XXIII-XXIV (2011-12); XXV (2013)

 Analecta Papyrologica: XXIII-XXIV (2011-2012); XXV (2013). In allegato il Sommario di entrambi e le condizioni di vendita.
SICANIA University Press

Analecta Papyrologica: XXIII-XXIV (2011-2012)

Rosario Pintaudi
L’ANVUR e le riviste italiane di papirologia
Diletta Minutoli
Ancora due frammenti laurenziani: Thucydides, Historiae V 57,2; Homerus, Ilias O 619-623
Diletta Minutoli-Rosario Pintaudi
Esodo (IV 16-VII 21) in un codice di papiro della collezione Martin Schøyen (MS 187)
Kristin De Troyer
The textual character of the Exodus Codex of the Schøyen Collection (MS 187; RA 866)
Rosario Pintaudi
Ancora oroscopi greci su papiro: appunto per la compilazione di un oroscopo (PL III/995)
Rosario Pintaudi
Frammento di tavola planetaria
Diletta Minutoli
Vendita di vino con anticipazione di prezzo (PL III/696)
Ágnes Mihálykó
Frühchristlicher Brief
Rosario Pintaudi-Dominic Rathbone
Due lettere dell’archivio di Heroneinos nella collezione Martin Schøyen (MS 244/18; MS 244/23)
Gabriella Messeri Savorelli-Rosario Pintaudi
Heroniniana IV
Hermann Harrauer-Rosario Pintaudi
Due ordini di pagamento in denaro dall’“Archivio” degli Apioni (?) (PL III/721; PL III/449)
Rosario Pintaudi
Materiali per una riflessione su indirizzi, prescritti e protocolli. Note di lettura e nuove edizioni
Marie Legendre
Réutilisation, notes et ratures: une lettre fragmentaire et un recensement de bétail dans un papyrus arabe de la Bibliothèque Laurentienne
Lucia Criscuolo
Quale Cleopatra? Un’identificazione incerta
Angiolo Menchetti-Rosario Pintaudi
Le nuove iscrizioni del dromos di Narmuthis
Rodney Ast-Roger S. Bagnall-Ali Drine-Zsuzsanna Várhelyi
Two Latin Accounts on Amphora Walls from Gigthi
Klaas A. Worp
(ΔΙΑ)ΦΛΥΑϹϹΩ+ dat.: a linguistic regionalism in inscriptions from christian egypt? Marcello Spanu
Un mortarium e due pelves bollati da Antinoupolis 
Daniele Castrizio
Le monete del castrum di Narmuthis 
Harald Froschauer
Textilien in Florenz. Zur Ikonographie zweier Clavus-Fragmente
Adriano Magnani
Modelli grafici e testuali di P. Berol. 8877 (Acta Isidori)

Giovanni Indelli-Francesca Longo Auricchio
Il materiale ercolanese nel Fondo Vogliano conservato a Firenze
Klaus Fabian
Otto Rubensohn, unveröffentlichte Briefe aus den Jahren 1904-1910 an Evaristo Breccia und eine Antwort Breccias von 1911
Rosario Pintaudi
Girolamo Vitelli docente al R. Istituto di studi superiori pratici e di perfezionamento in Firenze
Silvia Strassi
Giorgio Zalateo (Trieste 19 ottobre 1916-Trieste 29 dicembre 2010)
Giuseppe Dino Baldi
Firenze e l’Istituto di studi superiori nei disegni e nelle lettere
di Carlo Michelstaedter (con due lettere inedite di Emilio Michelstaedter)

Analecta Papyrologica: XXV (2013).

Rosario Pintaudi
Anna Maria Colombo Bartoletti (1926-2012)
Diletta Minutoli
Incipit di tre documenti: PL III/211, PL III/382D e PL III/982
Rosario Pintaudi
Una nota a P. Flor. II 114
Raffaele Luiselli
Vacche per Heroninos (a proposito di SB VI 9415/1)
Maria Chiara Scappaticcio
Un dibattito processuale bilingue, il De Trinitate di Faustino Luciferiano, il Salmo 52, e un’Exercitatio Scribendi latina: il PSI XIII 1309, un felice riciclo dalla Ossirinco della tarda antichità
Rosario Pintaudi
PSI V 514, 3: νύκτα οὖν ἡμέραν ποιούμενοϲ
Daniela Colomo-Lucio Del Corso
Un’annotazione problematica (in margine a P. Oxy. XVIII 2181: Platone, Fedone)
Lucio Del Corso
Disiecta colligere: un’antologia gnomica tra Londra e Heidelberg (P. Grenf. II 6B + P. Hib. II 224 + P. Heid. Inv. G 434)?
Walter Lapini
Due note sul P. Bodmer XXVI (Menandro, Aspis 357 E 464)
Cristiano Berolli
Il poemetto di Dorotheos δεσπο̣[τ]η̣ς πρὸς τοὺς πά̣[σχο]ν̣τας (P. Bod. XXXIV)
Lucia Maddalena Tissi
Edizione critica, traduzione e commento dell’inno magico 5 PR (PGM III 1989-228)
Sergio Alessandrì
La cronologia di P. Vat. Gr. 11R. (P. Marm.)
Daniele Castrizio
De–mosios zygos e idio–tikos zygos: un’interpretazione numismatica
Leslie MacCoull
Niches in an ecosystem: the choice of Coptic for legal instruments in late antique Egypt
Rosario Pintaudi
A Wessely quel che è di Wessely
Davide Debernardi
«Altro che greco e papirologia!»: dalle lettere genovesi di Girolamo Vitelli
Hermann Harrauer
Unveröffentlichte Korrespondenz von Alfred Körte

J. Lundon, The Scholia Minora in Homerum. now published by TOP

 TOP 7 (Click to download) 

J. Lundon 
The Scholia Minora in Homerum. An Alphabetical List 
Version 1.0 (November 2012), Köln / Leuven 2012, 250 pp. (2.0 Mb). 
ISBN: 978-94-9060-407-3

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