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Friday, January 30, 2009

K. RYHOLT, Narrative Literature from the Tebtunis Temple Library

Ryholt, Kim
Narrative Literature from the Tebtunis Temple Library

2009, 184 s., indb
24 s/h plancher, 21x29,5 cm
ISBN 978-87-635-0780-6
Serie: Carsten Niebuhr Institute Publications, vol. 35
ISSN 0902-5499
Serie: The Carlsberg Papyri, vol. 10
ISSN 0907-8118


340 DKK 46 €

The book presents ten narrative texts written in the demotic script and preserved in papyri from the Tebtunis temple library (1st/2nd century AD).
Eight of the texts are historical narratives which focus on the first millennium BC. Four concern prince Inaros, who rebelled against the Assyrian domination of Egypt in the 7th century, and his clan. One is about Inaros himself, while the other three take place after his death. Two other narratives mention Necho I and II of the Saite Period. The story about Necho II is particularly noteworthy, since it refers to the king as Nechepsos and for the first time provides us with the identity behind this name. Nechepsos is well attested as a sage king in Greek literary tradition, above all in relation to astrology. Of the two final historical narratives, one belongs to the cycle of stories about the Heliopolitan priesthood and the other concerns the Persian occupation of Egypt in the 5th or 4th century. The volume further includes a prophecy that forms the continuation of Nectanebo’s Dream, known from the Greek translation by Apollonios, and a new version of the mythological Contendings of Horus and Seth. Apart from a translation of the prophecy, none of the papyri have previously been published.

Kim Ryholt is Associate Professor at the Carsten Niebuhr Section, University of Copenhagen. He has published numerous articles and books on different areas of Egyptology and Demotic Studies.

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Sammelbuch griech. Urkunden aus Ägypten, Vol. XXV

Sammelbuch griech. Urkunden aus Ägypten, Vol. XXV
Heft 2, Wortindizes zu Vol. XXIV.
Hgb. von H.-A. Rupprecht mit F. Reiter und P. Sänger.

Verlag Harrassowitz, Wiesbaden 2008, ISBN 978-3-447-05859-9.
Ladenpreis 36,- Euro.


Wednesday, January 14, 2009

S.J. CLACKSON, It is our Father who writes: Orders from the Monastery of Apollo at Bawit

It is our Father who writes: Orders from the Monastery of Apollo at Bawit by Sarah J Clackson.
ISBN-13: 978-0-9700591-5-4 ISBN-10: 0-9700591-5-9.
$60.00 Hardcover.

Full editions ninety-one papyri, all but thirteen of which are being published for the first time. One text is in Greek, all the others are in Coptic. Documents edited here are concerned with the day-to-day administration of an Egyptian monastery in the eighth century of the Christian era. Most of the documents can be linked with the Monastery of Apollo at Bawit, and they contribute to the growing body of documentation from this important monastery which has been published within the last decade. The volume commences with a detailed overview of the texts: structure of the orders, provenance, date, scribes, signatories, places named, commodities specified, etc. The central core is formed by the orders issued from a monastic superior, probably the head of the monastery himself, to various subordinates; some seventy-one of the orders begin with the formula 'It is our father who writes to his son,' and this formula furnishes the volume's title. The texts are short, usually under ten lines long although they range from three (No. 32) to at least nineteen (No. 50) lines long. All are written on papyrus, except for No. 49 which was written on an ostrakon (surviving only in a transcription). Apart from four or five texts, the documents take up just one side of the writing material (exceptions: Nos. 15, 25, 37, 4, and 62?). The texts are written across or parallel to the papyrus fibres in fairly equal proportion, and in many instances the papyrus has already been used at least once. Some of the texts can be grouped together because they involve the same addressees, scribes or signatories. The requisite indices and a bibliography complete the volume. 147p, 43 b/w pls. (American Society of Papyrologists 2008)

BASP 45 (2008)

BASP 45 (2008) is an issue devoted to Egypt in Late Antiquity and dedicated to James G. Keenan, long-time editor of BASP. The issue was guest-edited by Todd M. Hickey and is available for individual purchase by sending a message to asp@papyrology.org. The issue was sent to subscribers a month ago but was officially presented to James Keenan on January 11 in Philadelphia, PA. Hence the delay in notifying the list. Additionally, subscribers may be interested to know that the late Sarah Clackson's monograph It Is Our Father Who Writes (ASP 43) is now available for purchase fromwww.oxbowbooks.com.
Peter van Minnen

BASP 45 (2008)

For Jim Keenan
Todd M. Hickey 5

Bibliography of James G. Keenan 7

Panettieri, prestiti e Apioni
Giuseppina Azzarello 15

SB 6.9025, Cotton, and the Economy of the Small Oasis
Roger S. Bagnall 21

Oxyrhynchus in the Early Fourth Century: “Municipalization” and Prosperity
Alan Bowman 31

Homer on a Puzzling Ostrakon
Raffaella Cribiore 41

Quittances de loyer du topos d’apa Michel d’Antaiopolis
Jean-Luc Fournet 45

Traianos Gagos 59

Further Letters from the Archive of Apa Ioannes
Nikolaos Gonis 69

An Inconvenient Truth? P.Oxy. 18.2196 verso, the Apion Estate, and fiscalité in
the Late Antique Oxyrhynchite
Todd M. Hickey 87

Familienfehden in Hermupolis – Theophanes und Adelphios
Andrea Jördens 101

Zwei officiales in Nöten
Fritz Mitthof and Amphilochios Papathomas 117

Flavius Flavianus – von Herakleopolis nach Konstantinopel?
Bernhard Palme 143

Child or Monk? An Unpublished Story Attributed to John Moschos in MS Coislin
Arietta Papaconstantinou 171

Un documento dell’oikos di Theon (Pl III/331)
Rosario Pintaudi 185

Villages and Patronage in Fourth-Century Egypt: The Case of P.Ross.Georg. 3.8
Dominic Rathbone 189

P.Lips. inv. 250 and 260: Two 10th/11th-Century Coptic Texts
Tonio Sebastian Richter 209

Aphrodito Before Dioskoros
Giovanni Ruffini 225

Much Ado about the Grape Harvest: A Letter from Apollonios to his Father
Jennifer Sheridan Moss 241

A Coptic Account of Pottery from the Kilns of Psabt (P.Lond.Copt. 1.695)
Terry Wilfong 247

P.Flor. 1.64: A Re-edition
Klaas A. Worp 261

Matthias Westerhoff, Auferstehung und Jenseits im koptischen “Buch der
Auferstehung Jesu Christi, unseres Herrn”
(P. van Minnen) 277

Thursday, January 01, 2009

"A Teacher Dipinto from Trimithis"

R. Cribiore, P. Davoli, D. Ratzan, "A Teacher's Dipinto from Trimithis (Dakhleh Oasis)"
Journal of Roman Archaeology 21 (2008), 170-191.

Happy New Year.