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Sunday, November 22, 2009

Amin BENAISSA, Rural Settlement of the Oxyrhynchite Nome. A Papyrological Survey,

The Trismegistos project is pleased to announce the fourth volume in its series Trismegistos Online Publications: Amin Benaissa, Rural Settlement of the Oxyrhynchite Nome. A Papyrological Survey, Köln / Leuven 2009, 417 pp. This is a comprehensive and up-to-date gazetteer of the villages and hamlets of the Oxyrhynchite nome. It provides first a critically compiled list of the papyrological attestations of each settlement. In addition, it presents in summary form the information recoverable from the papyri about individual villages, such as their relative location, topographical features, religious institutions, and the officials, occupations and important landowners associated with them. This publication will be a useful resource to papyrologists studying and editing Oxyrhynchite documents as well as to scholars interested in the topography and rural society of Graeco-Roman Egypt.
This is the first instalment in the TOP-series which does not simply present data from the Trismegistos database in a more stable way for easier reference, but which adds information not previously available, linking to the database. We have adapted our publication policy in this sense and are now offering Trismegistos Online Publications as a peer-reviewed series aiming to provide freely downloadable pdf-documents with scholarly tools based upon or providing links to the Trismegistos database. Further information can be found on http://www.trismegistos.org/top.php
,"> Trismegistos TOP where all volumes can be downloaded.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

BASP 46 (2009)

BASP 46 (2009)

Alan Edouard Samuel (1932-2008) / Roger S. Bagnall   7

A Fragment of Homer, Iliad 21 in the Newberry Library, Chicago / Sofía Torallas Tovar and Klaas A. Worp   11

A Latin Manumission Tax Tablet in Los Angeles / Peter van Minnen and Klaas A. Worp   15

Report of Proceedings in Red Ink from Late 2nd Century AD Oxyrhynchus  / Lincoln H. Blumell   23

Two Papyri in Lund / Todd M. Hickey   31

Two Michigan Papyri / Jennifer Sheridan Moss   37

Letter from Simades to Pynas / Athanassios Vergados   59

Annotazioni sui Fragmenta Cairensia delle Elleniche di Ossirinco / Gianluca Cuniberti   69

The Deferment of Postpositive Particles in Greek Documentary Papyri / Stephen M. Bay   75

Antinoite Citizenship under Hadrian and Antoninus Pius: A Prosopographical Study of the First Thirty Years of Antinoopolis / Myrto Malouta   81

Diversification foncière dans le nome mendésien à l’époque romaine / Katherine Blouin   97

A Church with No Books and a Reader Who Cannot Write: The Strange Case of P.Oxy. 33.2673 / Malcolm Choat and Rachel Yuen-Collingridge   109

The Embolator in Sixth/Seventh-Century Papyri / Philip Mayerson   139

Notes on Papyri   145

Review Articles
Papyrology on the Threshold of a New Millennium / James G. Keenan   151

Less Artemidorus and More / Peter van Minnen   165

Egypt at Empire’s End / Clement A. Kuehn   175

P.Köln 11 (A. Papathomas)   189

P.Sijp. (A. Papathomas)   195

P.Worp (P. van Minnen)   199

O.Muhs (W. Clarysse)   209

P.Heid. 9 (A. Verhoogt)   213

O.Krok (N. Gonis)   217

P.Naqlun 2 (P. van Minnen)   219

O.Abu Mina (P. van Minnen)   225

O.Brux.Bawit (J. Cromwell)   229

Grob, Eva Mira, and Andreas Kaplony (eds.), “Documentary Letters from the Middle East” (P. van Minnen)   235

Anke Joisten-Pruschke, Das religiöse Leben der Juden von Elephantine in der Achämenidenzeit (S. Kaufman)   241

Peter Bing and Jon Steffan Bruss (eds.), Brill’s Companion to Hellenistic Epigram down to Philip (S. Stephens)   243

Guglielmo Cavallo, La scrittura greca e latina dei papiri. Una introduzione (P. van Minnen)   249

T.J. Kraus, Ad Fontes: Original Manuscripts and Their Significance for Studying Early Christianity. Selected Essays (D.C. Parker)   251

James R. Royse, Scribal Habits in Early Greek New Testament Papyri(D.C. Parker)   255

Lin Foxhall, Olive Cultivation in Ancient Greece: Seeking the Ancient Economy (D. Sandy)   259

Sally-Ann Ashton, Cleopatra and Egypt (J. Whitehorne)   263

Tomasz Derda, ᾽Αρσινοίτης νομός: Administration of the Fayum under Roman Rule (P. van Minnen)   267

Marguerite Hirt Raj, Médecins et malades de l’Égypte romaine. Étude socio-légale de la profession médicale et de ses praticiens du Ier au IVe siècle ap. J.-C. (P. van Minnen)   271

A.K. Bowman, R.A. Coles, N. Gonis, D. Obbink, and P.J. Parsons (eds.), Oxyrhynchus: A City and Its Texts (J.H.F. Dijkstra)   275

A. Łajtar, Deir el-Bahari in the Hellenistic and Roman Periods: A Study of an Egyptian Temple Based on Greek Sources (J.H.F. Dijkstra)   281

Laura Miguélez Cavero, Poems in Context: Greek Poetry in the Egyptian Thebaid, 200-600 AD (P. Schubert)   287

Sophrone de Jérusalem, Miracles des saints Cyr et Jean (BHG I 477-479) (P. van Minnen)   291
Books Received   293

Advertisement   297

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