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Monday, December 29, 2014

DM Wolfgang Luppe, (1931-2014)

From http://deutsch-geschichten.de/wolfgang_luppe
Luppe studierte Klassische Philologie an der Martin-Luther-Universität Halle-Wittenberg (bei Werner Peek und Erich Reitzenstein) und wurde 1964 mit einer Dissertation über Fragmente des Komödiendichters Kratinos zum Dr. phil. promoviert. Anschließend arbeitete er als wissenschaftlicher Assistent am Institut für Altertumswissenschaften. 1990 habilitierte er sich, 1992 wurde er zum Professor für Papyruskunde ernannt.
Luppes Forschungsschwerpunkt liegt auf den griechischen literarischen Papyri. Zahlreiche Aufsätze sind von ihm erschienen, u. a. über die Euripides-Hypothesis, Aufführungen von Tragödien und Komödien, den herkulanischen Philodem-Papyrus, Poseidipp-Epigramme, Diktys-Cretensis-Papyri, über die Mythologie, viele Rezensionen über Oxyrhynchus-Papyri-Bände
Thanks to Marius Gerhardt for the above photo (the previous photo was an not the late Prof. Luppe).

Sunday, December 28, 2014

Positions for Papyrologists at CNRS

Chers Collègues et amis,

Le Centre national de la recherche scientifique (C.N.R.S.) a ouvert au concours 2015 6 postes de chargés de recherche de 2e classe, dont l’un est fléché sur le thème « Papyrologie grecque », et je m’aperçois soudain que cette information n’a pas encore été relayée sur cette liste. Le descriptif du poste se trouve ici (lien); pour plus d’information sur le concours (lien); pour s’inscrire en ligne (lien). Les personnes intéressées par une candidature noteront que le délai est désormais très court, puisque le dossier complet doit être introduit pour le 6 janvier 2015, à minuit, heure de Paris.

Papyrologiquement vôtre,

Paul Heilporn.
Professeur, Directeur de l’Institut de Papyrologie
Université de Strasbourg - UMR-7044 Archimède

Dear Colleagues and friends,

The Centre national de la recherche scientifique (C.N.R.S.) has opened for competition, in 2015, 6 positions of Associate scientist 2nd class, including one with a focus on « Greek Papyrology », and I suddenly noticed that this information has not yet been forwarded to the present list. A job description can be found here (link); for more information about the competition, see (link). Online inscription starts at (link).
People who are considering applying should note that there is very little time left, as the application must have been completed online (or sent by post) by January 6, 2015, midnight, Paris time.

J.H.F. Dijkstra, G.Fisher edd., INSIDE AND OUT

Interactions between Rome and the Peoples
on the Arabian and Egyptian Frontiers in Late Antiquity
edited by
Jitse H.F. Dijkstra & Greg Fisher
In recent years, exciting new discoveries of inscriptions and archaeological remains on the Arabian Peninsula have led to a re-evaluation of the peoples on the Arabian frontier, which through their extensive contacts with Rome and Persia are now seen as dynamic participants in the Late Antique world. The present volume contributes to this recent trend by focusing on the contrast between the 'outside' sources on the peoples of the frontier - the Roman view - and the 'inside' sources, that is, the precious material produced by the Arabs themselves, and by approaching these sources within an anthropological framework of how peripheral peoples face larger powers. For the first time, the situation on the Arabian frontier is also compared with that on the southern Egyptian frontier, where similar sources have been found of peoples such as the Blemmyes and Noubades. Thus, the volume offers a richly-documented examination of the frontier interactions in these two vibrant and critically-important areas of the Late Antique East.

The book is of interest to anthropologists, archaeologists, historians, Egyptologists, Arabists, epigraphists and papyrologists and, in general, to all scholars working in the period of Late Antiquity.

Acknowledgements ... vii
List of Contributors ... xi
A Note on Abbreviations ... xvii
General Introduction ... 1
Jitse H.F. Dijkstra, Greg Fisher

The Peoples beyond the Arabian Frontier in Late Antiquity: Recent Epigraphic Discoveries and Latest Advances ... 33
Christian Julien Robin

A. An Anthropological Approach
The Meeting of the Twain: Tribe and State ... 83
Philip Carl Salzman

Desert and River: Consumption and Colonial Entanglements in Roman and Late Antique Nubia ... 91
Stuart Tyson Smith

B. The Precursors
Rome’s Relations with the Arab/Indigenous People in the First–Third Centuries ... 113
Ariel S. Lewin

‘Romans Go Home’? Rome and Other ‘Outsiders’ as Viewed from the Syro-Arabian Desert ... 145
Michael C.A. Macdonald

Papyrological Evidence on ‘Barbarians’ in the Egyptian Eastern Desert ... 165
Hélène Cuvigny

The ‘Barbarian’ Names on the Third-Century Ostraka from Xeron ... 199
Helmut Satzungen

C. The ‘Outside’ Sources
Arabs, Outsiders, and Stereotypes from Ammianus Marcellinus to Theophylact Simocatta ... 215
Conor Whately

Writing the Histories of Romans and Arabs in the Fifth-Century Roman East ... 235
Hugh Elton

Procopius and Roman Imperial Policy in the Arabian and Egyptian Frontier Zones ... 249
Geoffrey Greatrex

D. The ‘Inside’ Sources
Insider and Outsider Sources: Historiographical Reflections on Late Antique Arabia ... 267
Robert G. Hoyland

State and Tribe in Late Antique Arabia: A Comparative View ... 281
Greg Fisher

‘I, Silko, Came to Talmis and Taphis’: Interactions between the Peoples beyond the Egyptian Frontier and Rome in Late Antiquity 299
Jitse H.F. Dijkstra

Reconstructing the Social and Cultural History of the Aksumite Kingdom: Some Methodological Reflections ... 331
Pierluigi Piovanelli

E. The Religious Dimension
Christianity and the Arabs in the Sixth Century ... 355
Philip Wood

Ethiopian Apocalyptic and the End of Roman Rule: Th e Reception of Chalcedon in Aksum and the Kebra Nagaśt ... 371
George Bevan

F. The Aftermath
Consolidating the Conquest: Arab-Muslim Rule in Syria and the Jazīrah, 630–775 ce ... 391
R. Stephen Humphreys

Creating Christian Nubia: Processes and Events on the Egyptian Frontier ... 407
David N. Edwards

Index of Sources ... 433
General Index ...

"The online battle for papyrus texts"

The Telegraph
Papyrus scrolls are also now increasingly desirable items in the distinctly 21st Century world of the online auction trade, writes Philip Sherwell

The Daily Mail
Fears precious Ancient Egyptian and Roman papyrus scrolls could be destroyed after they start selling online for thousands of pounds 

Monday, December 22, 2014

Ed. by El-Maghrabi, Mohamed Gaber / Römer, Cornelia, Texts from the "Archive" of Socrates, the Tax Collector, and Other Contexts at Karanis P. Cair. Mich. II

Archiv für Papyrusforschung und verwandte Gebiete - Beihefte 35

Aims and Scope

This volume of Papyri contains a selection of 25 pieces which were excavated in the village of Karanis in the north-eastern Fayum (Egypt) by American archaeologists between 1924 and 1926.

Many of the texts published here come from the archive of a well known figure in the village life of Karanis in the 2nd century AD: Socrates, son of Sarapion, was a tax collector here for many years, serving the Roman Empire collecting taxes due in money and in kind. Besides his successful economic activities - Socrates certainly belonged to the upper stratum of society in Karanis - the tax collector was a lover of Greek literature; for sure, he did not venture into high philosophy and the like, but he read Homer, comedies, and tried to be up to date about mythology in plays.

Half of the new texts published here are literary, mostly from Socrates’ library; other texts were found in the immediate neighbourhood of where Socrates lived, such as a surgical treatise about remedies of shoulder dislocations, which perhaps belonged to a doctor. The other half of the papyrus texts in this volume are documents that can shed new light on the activities of the tax collector, or of other inhabitants of Karanis. Altogether they give us a vivid picture of village life in Graeco/Roman Egypt in the 2nd century AD.

Preface ... vii
Introduction ... ix
A Literary Texts from the “Archive” of Socrates, the Tax Collector
 (House B17)
 1. C. Römer, Homer, Iliad A 292–297 ... 3
 2. C. Römer, Homer, Iiad Β 723–791 ... 5
 3. C. Römer, Two Fragments from the Roll of Menander’s Epitrepontes  ... 9
 4. C. Römer, History or Fiction, and Commentary on Iliad Α?  ... 14
 5. C. Römer, List of Titles of Comedies or Satyrplays ... 19
B Literary Texts from Street BS1 in Front of B17, and Other Houses
 6. C. Römer, Homer, Iliad Γ 348–353 (Street BS1)  ... 29
 7. C. Römer, Homer, Iliad Η 26–35 (House B25) ... 30
 8. C. Römer, Homer, Iliad Θ 511–515 (House B25) ... 32
 9. C. Römer, Demosthenes, De corona 85–86 (House 034) ... 33
10. D. Leith, Surgical Treatise (House B12) ... 34
11. D. Leith, Epictetus, Discourses 4.1.136–138 (House B12) ... 45
C Documentary Texts from the “Archive” of Socrates, the Tax Collector
 (B17) and Street BS1
12. N. Reggiani, Fragments of Land and Tax-Related Documents ... 53
13. N. Reggiani, Daybook of Payments in Kind ... 73
14. E. A. Selim, Declaration of Mutual Liability Addressed to the Strategus ... 85
15. M.G. El-Maghrabi, Receipt for Rent ... 87
16. R. El-Mofatch, Notification of Death (?) ... 90
17. E. A. Selim, Complaint about Robbery (or Seizure?) Addressed to the
 Strategus ... 93
18. S. Soliman, Complaint about Violence and Robbery  ... 97
19. F. Hamouda, Register of Land and Payments ... 100
20. F. Hamouda, Letter Written by a Woman ... 107

D Documents from Other Locations in Karanis
21. M.G. El-Maghrabi, Application for a Lease of Catoecic Land ... 113
22. S. El-Masry and S. Soliman, List of Names ... 120
23. M.G. El-Maghrabi, Receipt ... 126
24. F. Hamouda, Letter tο a Monk? ... 128
Bibliography ... 133
Indexes ... 140
1. New Literary Texts
History or Fiction ... 140
Comedies or Satyrplays (?) ... 140
Names  ... 140
General ... 140
Medical Text ... 140
2. Documentary Texts
I Chronology ... 141
A. Roman Emperors ... 141
B. Months ... 141
II Personal Names ... 141
III Geography ... 145
IV Official Terms and Titles ... 145
V Measures and Money ... 145
VI Taxes ... 145
VII Land Categories ... 145
VIII Religion ... 146
IX General Index of Words ... 146

Publication Date: December 2014ISBN: 978-3-11-034570-4
See all formats and pricing
eBook (PDF)
€ [D] 69.95
RRP for USA, Canada, Mexico
US$ 98.00 *
eBook (EPUB)
€ [D] 69.95
RRP for USA, Canada, Mexico
US$ 98.00 *
€ [D] 69.95
RRP for USA, Canada, Mexico
US$ 98.00 *
€ [D] 109.95
RRP for USA, Canada, Mexico
US$ 154.00 *

Sunday, December 14, 2014

Award for the Teaching of Classics at the College Level (Society for Classical Studies)

Jenifer Sheridan Moss

of Wayne State University, president of the American Society of Papyrologists, will receive the above award at the APA (now SCS) Annual Meeting in New Orleans, January 2015. If I may quote from an email from Wm. Johnson, "True, we have a couple of MacArthur fellows in the discipline, but I don’t know whether any other papyrologist has won the APA national teaching award. In any case, good evidence that papyrologists are folks of many talents;"

Saturday, December 13, 2014

BASP 51 (2014)

BASP 51 (2014) has arrived. See the table of contents below. BASP 52 (2015) still welcomes submissions in a "congress language" (English, French, German, and Italian). Please submit your manuscripts to me (peter.vanminnen@uc.edu) for consideration.
Thanks in part to the technical support made possible by the Semple Fund of the University of Cincinnati, BASP is the cheapest papyrological journal around, made available to members of the American Society of Papyrologists for an annual subscription of $35 ($16 for student members) and to institutions for an annual subscription of $65 (plus shipping). Check out http://papyrology.org/index.php/membership
Copies of books for review can be sent to the reviews editor: Arthur Verhoogt (Department of Classical Studies, University of Michigan, 2160 Angell Hall, 435 S. State Street, Ann Arbor, MI 48109-1003, USA).
Peter van Minnen

American Society of Papyrologists ... 5

A Homeric Papyrus from Tebtynis
Thomas A. Wayment and Daniel Becerra ... 7

A Homeric Papyrus at Yale
Andrzej Mirończuk ... 27

A Homeric Papyrus from Oxyrhynchus
Simone Oppen ... 35

A Letter from Harpalos and Sarapion(?)
Brice C. Jones  ... 41

A Loan of Money with Interest
Philip Katz ... 47

An Assessment from Karanis
C. Michael Sampson ... 59

A Letter Ordering the Release of a Prisoner
Stephen M. Bay ... 69

Bacchylides Fr. 60 M. and the Kassandra
Theodora A. Hadjimichael ... 77

Artabas of Grain or Artabas of Grains?
Willy Clarysse ... 101

Noms doubles et prosopographie ombite
Frédéric Colin ... 109

Late Ptolemaic Capitation Taxes and the Poll Tax in Roman Egypt
Andrew Monson ... 127

Recognizing Greek Literacy in Early Roman Documents from the Judaean Desert
Scott D. Charlesworth ... 161

Notes on Papyri
Nikos Litinas, Nikos Litinas, Peter van Minnen, Klaas Worp ... 191

Christian Inscriptions from Egypt and Nubia 1 (2013)
Alain Delattre, Jitse Dijkstra, and Jacques van der Vliet ... 199

Review Articles
Locating Arabic Papyrology: Fiscal Politics in Medieval Egypt as a Test-Case for Setting Disciplinary Boundaries and Standards
Petra M. Sijpesteijn ... 217

Bronze Coins from Excavations in Alexandria
Andrew Meadows ... 230

Andrew Monson, Agriculture and Taxation in Early Ptolemaic Egypt: Demotic Land Surveys and Accounts (P. Agri)
(Brian Muhs) ... 241

Charikleia Armoni, Das Archiv der Taricheuten Amenneus und Onnophris aus Tanis (P.Tarich.)
(Peter van Minnen) ... 245

K. Maresch, Ptolemäische Bankpapyri aus dem Herakleopolites (P.Herakl.Bank). Papyri der Sammlungen in Heidelberg, Köln und Wien
(Katelijn Vandorpe) ... 249

Wolfgang Habermann (ed.), Die badischen Grabungen in Qarâra und el-Hibeh 1913 und 1914. Wissenschaftsgeschichtliche und papyrologische Beiträge (P. Heid. X)
(Peter van Minnen) ... 253

S.R. Llewelyn and J.R. Harrison (eds.), New Documents Illustrating Early Christianity: A Review of the Greek and Other Inscriptions and Papyri Published Between 1988 and 1992
(Lincoln H. Blumell) ... 257

Andrew Monson, From the Ptolemies to the Romans: Political and Economic Change in Egypt
(Arthur Verhoogt) ... 261

Ari Z. Bryen, Violence in Roman Egypt: A Study in Legal Interpretation
(Peter van Minnen) ... 265

Giuseppina Azzarello, Il dossier della “domus divina” in Egitto
(James G. Keenan) ... 269

Grzegorz Ochała, Chronological Systems of Christian Nubia
(Jitse H.F. Dijkstra) ... 273

Books Received ... 279

Papyrological Summer Institutes, Reports, 2008-2012 283

Word Index to BASP 43-50
Peter van Minnen ... 287

American Studies in Papyrology ... 347