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Thursday, October 12, 2006

A. A. den BRINKER; B. P. MUHS; S. P. VLEEMING, A Berichtigungsliste of demotic documents

A. Papyrus Editions (ISBN: 90-429-1603-6)
B. Ostrakon Editons and Various Publications (ISBN: 90-429-1604-4)

Studia Demotica, 7. A-7.B

Editors: Den Brinker A.A., Muhs B.P., Vleeming S.P.

There seems to be no brief English equivalent for the concept of a «Berichtigungsliste». This demotic «Berichtigungsliste» collects and critically presents corrections and supplements to editions of demotic documentary texts: papyri, ostraka, inscriptions, mummy labels, graffiti - everything demotic that was not clearly written as a secular or religious literary composition. We have added all the information we have found concerning inventory numbers and photographs as well as republications of the texts in question which the scholar working with these texts might like to have. Although the «Berichtigungsliste» chiefly concerns text editions, be they published in monographs or articles, texts that have been published only in photography or facsimile are also included. The period covered for the publications that have been ransacked for the purpose of our «Berichtigungsliste» is roughly the Twentieth Century: 1900-2000. In subsequent volumes, we intend to extend this time-range into the Nineteenth Century as well as into the future."

Year: 2005