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Thursday, January 04, 2007

Annotations in Greek and Latin Texts from Egypt, edited by K McNamee

Annotations in Greek and Latin Texts from Egypt
edited by K McNamee

This Corpus of Marginal and Interlinear Notes from the Greek and Latin literary papyri of Egypt is arranged alphabetically by author (from Aeschylus to Xenophon) and the papyri themselves identified by their "Mertens-Pack 3" number (MP3); the Adespota, both poetry and prose, follow. The section with Latin is considerably shorter, as might be expected in the Greek-speaking East, and the notations to Cicero, Juvenal, and the legal texts are more often in Greek than Latin. A series of nine introductory essays sets the process of annotating back into the various contexts from which they derive - the scholar's study, the teacher's schoolroom, etc. - and examines the ways in which annotations were inscribed into the rolls and codices. The last three essays (Part Three. "Select Annotated Texts") pay special attention to the copious tradition of annotations in Archaic Lyric and Iambic (Pindar, Bacchylides, Alcaeus, and Hipponax), Hellenistic Poetry (Callimachus and Theocritus), and Prose authors, distilling from the jejune catalogue entries the complex relationships between commentaries and the annotations. The volume closes with a comprehensive list of annotated papyri (from MP3 23 to 2866, plus a few un-catalogued items) that summarises the catalogue; with a bibliography and a concordance between edition and MP3 number; and with indices (Greek words, Latin words, and hybrid Greek/Latin forms and a general index of authors and topics covered). c.600p, 33 b/w pls. (American Studies in Papyrology 45, American Society of Papyrologists 2007)

ISBN 0970059175. Hardback. Price US $125.00

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