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Friday, March 16, 2007

Colin ADAMS, Land transport in Roman Egypt : a study of economics and administration in a Roman province


* The first major treatment of this topic
* Enhances our understanding of a central feature of the ancient economy
* Uses the particular evidence of Greek papyri to explore themes of broad relevance to the study of the Roman empire

The papyri of Egypt offer a rich and complex picture of this important Roman province and provide an unparalleled insight into how a Roman province actually worked. They also afford a valuable window into ancient economic behaviour and everyday life. This study is the first systematic treatment of the role of land transport within the economic life of Roman Egypt, an everyday economic activity at the centre of the economy not only of Egypt but of the Roman world. Colin Adams studies the economics of animal ownership, the role of transport in the commercial and agricultural economies of Egypt, and how the Roman state used provincial resources to meet its own transport demands. He reveals a complex relationship between private individual and state in their use of transport resources, a dynamic and rational economy, and the economic and administrative behaviour imposed when an imperial power made demands upon a province.

Readership: Classicists and ancient historians, especially those interested in Graeco-Roman Egypt, the Roman Empire, or the ancient economy.

Authors, editors, and contributors

Colin Adams, Lecturer in Ancient History, University of Liverpool