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Sunday, April 13, 2008

Karanis and Dime Database online at Kelsey Museum

This Db includes information from the Record of Objects, with valuable details on the circumstances of each find.

Directions: from the above link (Kelsey Museum of Archaeology: Research) click on Kelsey FileMaker Online databases (log-in as "guest" leave password blank),
then click on Excavation records,
then Karanis.

To search click on magnifying glass icon (top left) - and set Site (also upper left) pulldown menu to Karanis (or Dime)
Can be searched by location ("level" - a pulldown menu in top-right) and unit: so the granary C123 is level C unit 123.
One can also search for types of objects using the Artifact Description field: e.g. wax tablet,
or else use the pull-down menu labelled "Object Type" to find "writing implement."

Thanks to Terry Wilfong showing me this.