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Sunday, September 21, 2008

An Inscribed Cup from the Alexandrian Harbor

The subject of a long string on Papy-L, the upshot of which is:
1. The cup is genuine
2. the inscription was made before firing
3. the writing is a good match for the first century AD
4. although χηρϲτου (chrêstou) for χριϲτου (christou) is a perfectly normal misspelling for the time,
5. the other half of the inscription ογοιϲταιϲ, is hard to reconcile with a Christian context.
5.b ὁ γοι{σ}ταίς r. γοητής is difficult phonologically (αι x η is similar to the αι x ε, but not very common). The form is also unattested TLG). GWS
5.b the meaning cannot then be "through Jesus the magician" (which would require the genitive) but a magician through Jesus (Bertrand).
5.c. ο⟨ἱ⟩ γόητες (plural) would be possible; GWS
6. Suggested interpretations are: διὰ χρηστοῦ ὁ γευστής (Cuvingy).
7. or διάχριστου (ointment) ο( ) γοιστ. may indicate a medicinal context (Kajava) (see TLG sv. γοιστ).

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