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Friday, December 19, 2008

Online Arabic Papyrology Class

The Arabic Papyrology Webclass (Spring Semester 2009): Bilingual Greek and Arabic Documents

During the seventh and eighth centuries, the Muslim administration of Syria-Palestine and Egypt issued documents both in Greek and in Arabic. In this webclass, we will read bilingual Greek and Arabic documents, with a special focus on the interaction of the two languages.

This is an on-line webclass taught by Raffaele Luiselli, Florence (Greek) and Andreas Kaplony, Zurich (Arabic) open to students in Greek studies (no Arabic needed) and Arabic studies (no Greek needed). During each two or three sessions, a document is to be read. A scan of the document will be sent to you in advance. Estimated time for preparation: 1-2 hours/week. Communication will be in English.

Duration: Spring semester 2009: 16 February - 25 May 2009; Monday, 16-18 h Swiss time (time might be changed)

Fees: CHF 250.- (scholarships on request; no fees for students at the institutes at Zurich, Bale, Berne, and Geneva)

Registration: here

Further reading: General introductions: Adolf Grohmann. Einführung und Chrestomathie zur arabischen Papyruskunde, vol. 1. Monografie Archivu Orientálniho, vol. 13,1. Prague 1954; Andreas Kaplony et al. , The Arabic Papyrology School. Editions: Becker, C.H., Papyri Schott-Reinhardt. Vol. 1. Heidelberg 1906 (Veröffentlichungen aus der Heidelberger Papyrussammlung 3); Kraemer, Casper J. Jr., Excavations at Nessana. Vol. 3: Non Literary Papyri, Princeton 1958; Morelli, Federico, Documenti greci per la fiscalità e la amministrazione dell'Egitto arabo, Wien 2001 (Corpus Papyrorum Raineri 22).