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Tuesday, February 17, 2009

N. LITINAS, O.Abu Mina

Litinas, Nikos
Greek Ostraca from Abu Mina (O.AbuMina)
25 plates. November 2008. 24 x 16 cm. XI, 335 pages. 107 fig. 25 Taf. Hardcover. RRP Euro [D] 68.00 / for USA, Canada, Mexico US$ 95.00. *
ISBN 978-3-11-020118-5 Series: Archiv für Papyrusforschung und verwandte Gebiete - Beihefte 25
Languages: Ancient Greek, English
Type of Publication: Edition

About this Title
The volume contains an edition of c. 1,300 ostraca excavated in Abu Mina, Egypt, under the directorship of Peter Grossmann. Most of these ostraca comprise a partially surviving record of the pickings of grapes and of wine deliveries in the first half of the seventh century AD, before the Arab conquest in 642. Also, a small number contains some Christian texts, writings on pots or flasks, designs and writing exercises. They provide information on the community, the economical and agricultural activities, the prosopography and onomastics of this pilgrimage centre. This volume will be of interest to Greek papyrologists and to ancient historians.