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Saturday, October 31, 2009

K. Brodersen / J. Elsner (eds.): Images and Texts on the "Artemidorus Papyrus".

Kai Brodersen (Hrsg.), Jas Elsner (Hrsg.)
Images and Texts on the "Artemidorus Papyrus"
Working Papers on P. Artemid.
(St John’s College Oxford, 2008)
Historia – Einzelschriften
Band 214
1. Auflage 2009.
171 S., 70 s/w Abb. Gebunden
€ 50,00 / €(A) 51,50 / sFr 85,00*

ISBN 978-3-515-09426-9
The "Artemidorus Papyrus" (P. Artemid.), first published in 2008, is potentially the most significant new discovery in recent years for a range of fields within Classics: the history of drawing in the Greco-Roman world and more generally issues in the history of art, the history of ancient mapping, and the history of geographical writing in Hellenistic Egypt. Its spectacular and unprecedented collection of images and texts has been the subject of lively and impassioned debate.
At a recent conference at St John’s College, Oxford, an international panel of scholars discussed the artefact, the images, the map and the texts on the papyrus.

 From Kai Brodersen's message on Papy-L:
Historia Einzelschriften has just published the papers of this conference, plus further contributions, by G. Adornato, M. Billerbeck, L. Canfora, J. Elsner, G. Nisbet, D. Obbink, P. Parsons, R. Talbert, M. West, and N. Wilson. The book also contains, courtesy of the original publishers, black and white photographs of the whole papyrus.