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Wednesday, June 02, 2010

REVIEW; Andrea Jördens, Statthalterliche Verwaltung in der römischen Kaiserzeit: Studien zum praefectus Aegypti

Andrea Jördens, Statthalterliche Verwaltung in der römischen Kaiserzeit: Studien zum praefectus Aegypti. Historia Einzelschriften Bd. 175.   Stuttgart:  Franz Steiner Verlag, 2009.  Pp. vi, 616.  ISBN 9783515092838.  €86.00.   

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Reviewed by Peter C. Nadig, Freie Universität Berlin (nadig@zedat.fu-berlin.de)
When Octavian conquered Egypt in 30 BC he turned the country into a Roman province under the supervision of an equestrian prefect rather than a senatorial propraetor or proconsul. This move led to many assumptions about Roman Egypt, one of which is that it was the personal property of the emperor and another that Roman senators were generally barred from visiting it without the permission of the princeps. Yet Roman Egypt--unlike all other Roman territories--provides us with ample information about imperial administration through the papyri. Andrea Jördens, a papyrologist from Heidelberg, has thoroughly investigated the office of the praefectus Aegypti in her 2002 Habilitationsschrift from Marburg. Her magisterial study has now been published with a few minor revisions and updates. It will remain a standard work on the praefectus Aegypti and on Roman provincial administration.

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