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Friday, July 23, 2010

F. Morelli, L'archivio di Senouthios anystes e testi connessi (CPR XXX)

L'archivio di Senouthios anystes e testi connessi
Lettere e documenti per la costruzione di una capitale
[The Construction of a Capital]
Ed. by Morelli, Federico
2010 | Hardcover | Euro [D] 149.95 / for USA, Canada, Mexico US$ 210.00. *
ISBN 978-3-11-022887-8
Series: Corpus Papyrorum Raineri (CPR) 30

The volume contains the edition of 32 Greek papyrus texts, together with a commentary and translation, from the recently identified Senouthios archive. It consists of correspondence between high-ranking officials from Hermopolites in the first years after the Arabic conquest of Egypt. The letters deal with the requisitions for the erection of the new Egyptian capital of al-Fustât (“Old Cairo”), and throw light on aspects which are otherwise scarcely documented, such as the relationship between Christians and Muslims, or the reaction of the population to the demands of the new rulers. A second volume is in preparation.