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Sunday, February 06, 2011

ZPE 176 (2011)

Abascal, J. M. – Alföldy, G. – Cebrián, R., R(es) p(ublica) S(egobrigensis vel Segobrigensium) ... 291

Alonso Déniz, A., ἐκλογιζούσθω for ἐκλογιζέσθω in IG IX.12(4), 798.104. Two False
Characters in Search of an Author ... 163

Ameling, W., Die Gefallenen der Phyle Erechtheis im Jahr 490 v. Chr. ... 10

Andreassi, M., Implicazioni magiche in Meleagro AP 5.152 ... 69

Bencivenni, A., “Massima considerazione”. Forma dell’ordine e immagini del potere
nella corrispondenza di Seleuco IV ... 139

Bonati, I., Note testuali a P. Tebt. I 4 (Hom. B 95–210) ...  1

Bravo, B., Una tavoletta d’osso da Olbia Pontica della seconda metà del VI secolo a.C.
(SEG XXXVI, 694): Apollo di Didyma e la nascita di Olbiē polis ... 99

Claytor, W. G., P.Fordham inv. 5: a Ptolemaic Petition to the Archidikastes ... 213

Colomo, D., Euripides’ Ur-Medea between Hypotheseis and Declamation ... 45

Coloru, O., Old and New Magical Inscriptions ... 135

Dale, A., Topics in Alcman’s Partheneion ... 24

Daris, S., Appunti per un verbale di assemblea ... 205

Dart, C. J. – Vervaet, F. J., The Significance of the Naval Triumph in Roman History
(260–29 BC) ... 267

Depauw, M., Physical Descriptions, Registration and εἰκονίζειν with New Interpretations
for P. Par. 65 and P. Oxy. I 34 ... 189

Eck, W. – Pangerl, A., Diplome für das Heer in Dakien... 221
Drei Konstitutionen im Jahr 123 für Truppen von Dacia Porolissensis unter dem Präsidialprokurator Livius Gratus... 234
Diplome für Prätorianersoldaten aus der Herrschaftszeit der Philippi... 243

Espluga, X., First History of a Forged Inscription (CIL II 149*): A Joke about Cyriacus
of Ancona by Francesco Contarini (1450 circa) ...  295

Gagliardi, P., PLAKATO IUDICE TE. Per la lettura dei vv. 8–9 del papiro di Gallo ... 82

García-Dils de la Vega, S. – Saquete Chamizo, J. C. – Ordóñez Agulla, S., Una uotorum
nuncupatio en Colonia Augusta Firma (Écija–Sevilla) ... 281

Gerhard, Y., La «coupe de Nestor»: reconstitution du vers 1 ... 7

Johnston, A., A Megarian Mystery ...  177

Jones, C. P., An Apamean at Philippopolis ... 96

Kaldellis, A. – López-Ruiz, C., A New Reading of the Stele of Andron (IG II/III2 10665):
Only One Son Died, Not Two ... 57

Kwapisz, J., Posidippus at Sea ... 63

Laes, C., Midwives in Greek Inscriptions in Hellenistic and Roman Antiquity ... 154

Lougovaya, J., Isopsephisms in P.Jena II 15a–b... 200

Luppe, W., Die ‚Palamedes‘- und die ‚Polyidos‘-Hypothesis: P.Mich. Inv. 3020(a) 52 –
Nochmalszu μονόστυλος ... 56

Mili, M., The Thessalian Ainians or the Ainians of Thessaly? Dedications and Games of Identity in Roman Thessaly ... 169

Mugnai, N., Equites singulares Augusti: Un nuovo diploma militare del regno di Adriano ...  262

Ordóñez Agulla, S. – Saquete Chamizo, J. C. – García-Dils de la Vega, S., Una uotorum nuncupatio en Colonia Augusta Firma (Écija–Sevilla) ... 281

Rasmussen, A. H., A Note on the Appointment of Priests in Attic gene ... 120

Simelidis, Ch., Callimachus, Epigram 9.6 G.–P. and Gregory of Nazianzus, Carmen I 2.14.101 ...  60

Tsantsanoglou, K., ΕΧΕΜΒΡΟΤΟΣ ΑΡΚΑΣ ... 39

Urano, S., Kolletiones and frumentarii: New Readings of TAM 3, 1417–1418. Two Petitionary Inscriptions from Ağabey Köy and Mendechora ... 179

van ’t Wout, P. E., Neglected Evidence for the Nature of ἀτιμία. Agora P 17615 and DTA 107 ... 126