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Friday, December 02, 2011

BASP 48 (2011)

Six Homeric Papyri from Oxyrhynchus at Columbia University
Charles Bartlett, Susan Boland, Lauren Carpenter, Stephen Kidd, Inger
Kuin, and Melanie Subacus ... 7

Two More Pages of Crosby-Schøyen Codex MS 193: A Pachomian Easter Lectionary?
Albert Pietersma and Susan Comstock ... 27

Apprenticeship Contract for Carpentry
Chris Eckerman. ... 47

Letter from Hermias to Apollon
Athanassios Vergados ... 51

Petition to Appoint an epitropos: A New Document from the Archive of
Aurelius Adelphios
Ryan Boehm ... 61

A Byzantine Loan of Money
Klaas A. Worp
 ... 71
A Marriage-Gift of Part of a Monastery from Byzantine Egypt
Jason Robert Combs and Joseph G. Miller
 ... 79
Receipt from the Holy Church of God at Hermopolis
Philip Venticinque
 ... 89
The Dossier of Flavia Anastasia, Part One: Document Prescripts
T.M. Hickey and Brendan J. Haug
 ... 99
Dreams in Bilingual Papyri from the Ptolemaic Period
Stephen Kidd
 ... 113
Two Texts of the dioiketes Apollonius
Kent J. Rigsby
 ... 131
Departure without Saying Goodbye: A Lexicographical Study
Willy Clarysse
 ... 141
Grenfell and Hunt on the Dates of Early Christian Codices: Setting the
Record Straight
Brent Nongbri
 ... 149
Greek Amulets and Formularies from Egypt Containing Christian Elements:
A Checklist of Papyri, Parchments, Ostraka, and Tablets

Theodore S. de Bruyn and Jitse H.F. Dijkstra ... 163
The Date of the Dendur Foundation Inscription Reconsidered
Grzegorgz Ochala ... 217
Notes on Papyri
 ... 225
Review Article
Byzantine Egypt Revisited
Giuseppina Azzarello
 ...  233


Holger Kockelmann, Untersuchungen zu den späten Totenbuch-Handschriften
auf Mumienbinden.
Vol. 1 (in two parts): Die Mumienbinden und
Leinenamulette des memphitischen Priesters Hor.
Vol. 2: Handbuch zu
den Mumienbinden und Leinenamuletten

(Richard Jasnow)
 ... 245

Maren Schentuleit and Günter Vittmann, „Du hast mein Herz zufriedengestellt...“
Ptolemäerzeitliche demotische Urkunden aus Soknopaiu Nesos

(Andrew Monson)
 ...  251

Stanley E. und Wendy J. Porter, New Testament Greek Papyri and Parchments:
New Editions. Mitteilungen aus der Papyrussammlung der Österreichischen
Nationalbibliothek, N.S. 29 (Text) und 30 (Tafeln)
(Amphilochios Papathomas)
 ... 255

Adam Bülow-Jacobsen, Mons Claudianus. Ostraca graeca et latina IV: The
Quarry-Texts. O. Claud. 632-896

(Amphilochios Papathomas)
 ...  259

D. Obbink and N. Gonis (eds.), The Oxyrhynchus Papyri 73
(Athanassios Vergados)
 ... 265

H. Maehler, C.E. Römer, and R. Hatzilambrou (eds.), The Oxyrhynchus
Papyri 75

(Jennifer Sheridan Moss)
 ...  271

Federico Morelli, L’ archivio di Senouthios anystes e testi connessi. Lettere e
documenti per la costruzione di una capitale

(James G. Keenan)
 ...  273

Anne Boud’hors, James Clackson, Catherine Louis, and Petra Sijpesteijn
(eds.), Monastic Estates in Late Antique and Early Islamic Egypt: Ostraca,
Papyri, and Essays in Memory of Sarah Clackson
(L.S.B. MacCoull)
 ... 277

Francesca Schironi, From Alexandria to Babylon: Near Eastern Languages
and Hellenistic Erudition in the Oxyrhynchus Glossary (P.Oxy. 1802 +4812)

(Sofía Torallas Tovar)
 ... 283

A. Magnani, Il processo di Isidoro. Roma e Alessandria nel primo secolo
(Sandra Gambetti)
 ... 285

Richard L. Phillips, In Pursuit of Invisibility: Ritual Texts from Late Roman

(Sarah L. Schwarz)
 ... 289

Franziska Naether, Die Sortes Astrampsychi. Problemlösungsstrategien durch
Orakel im römischen Ägypten

(Willy Clarysse)
 ...  293

Jan Krzysztof Winnicki, Late Egypt and Her Neighbours: Foreign Population
in Egypt in the First Millennium BC

(Günter Vittmann) ... 297

J.G. Manning, The Last Pharaohs: Egypt Under the Ptolemies, 305-30 BC
(Arthur Verhoogt) ... 305

Sitta von Reden, Money in Ptolemaic Egypt: From the Macedonian Conquest
to the End of the Third Century BC

(Bart Van Beek) ... 307

Heinz Heinen, Kleopatra-Studien. Gesammelte Schriften zur ausgehenden

(Dorothy J. Thompson) ... 311

Inge Uytterhoeven, Hawara in the Graeco-Roman Period: Life and Death in a
Fayum Village, with an Appendix on the Pottery from Hawara by Sylvie

(Eugene Cruz-Uribe)
 ... 315

Gihane Zaki, Le Premier Nome de Haute-Égypte du IIIe siècle avant J.-C.
VIIe siècle après J.-C. d’après les sources hiéroglyphiques des temples

ptolémaïques et romains
(Jitse H.F. Dijkstra)
 ... 317

Leslie S.B. MacCoull, Coptic Legal Documents: Law as Vernacular Text and
Experience in Late Antique Egypt

(Michael Peppard)
 ...  321

Books Received
 ... 325

American Studies in Papyrology .. 327