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Thursday, November 22, 2012

R. Ast, H. Cuvigny, T. Hickey, J. Lougovaya edd. Papyrological Texts in Honor of Roger S. Bagnall

Publication Date: October 2012ISBN: 978-3-11-022883-0

Papyrological Texts in Honor of Roger S. Bagnall: [Hardback] Rodney Ast (Editor); Hélène Cuvigny (Editor); Todd Hickey (Editor); Julia Lougovaya (Editor)
In press

1. Frammento medico con elenco di sintomi (Isabella Andorlini)
2. Schedule of Work Days (Rodney Ast)
3. Remains of an agnitio bonorum possessionis: P.Duk. inv. 466 (Jean-Jacques Aubert)
4. Gemellos and His Animal Farm: Full Edition of P.Fay. 253 descr. (Giuseppina Azzarello and Fabian Reiter)
5. Versione in greco di un testamento romano (Guido Bastianini)
6. Récupération d’outils de briquetiers (Jean Bingen)
7. Letter about Court Proceedings and Agricultural Matters (Alan K. Bowman)
8. Translation of a Letter of the praefectus Aegypti (Adam Bülow-Jacobsen)
9. A Ptolemaic Register of Unused Land in the Arsinoite Nome (Willy Clarysse)
10. A List of Words of Christian Origin from the Kelsey Museum (Raffaella Cribiore)
11–12. Conductor praesidii (Hélène Cuvigny)
13. P.Qasr Ibrim inv. 80/1: A Testimony to Zenodotos’ Edition of the Iliad? (Tomasz Derda and Adam Łajtar)
14–25. Neue Dokumente zur Salzsteuer in Elephantine (Ruth Duttenhöfer)
26. Le poète Dioscore d’Aphrodité à l’oeuvre : une première version de P.Aphrod.Lit. IV 18, enkômion d’adventus du duc Kallinikos (Jean-Luc Fournet)
27. Plainte au praeses Simplicius (Jean Gascou)
28. Register of Requisitions (Nikolaos Gonis)
29–31. Drei dokumentarische Papyri aus der Hamburger Sammlung (Dieter Hagedorn und Bärbel Kramer)
32. Report under Oath to Apollonios the Strategos: P.CtYBR inv. 4079 (Ann Ellis Hanson)
33. A Labor Contract for a pronoētēs (P.Lond. inv. 2219) (Todd M. Hickey and James G. Keenan)
34. Maternal Division of Housed Property near the Temples of Memphis (Francisca A. J. Hoogendijk) 35. P.Cornell inv. 69 Revisited: A Collection of Geometrical Problems (Alexander Jones)
36. Beeidete Erklärung über die Umbuchung adärierter Naubien (Andrea Jördens)
37. New Epigrams (Julia Lougovaya)
38. Copy of a Census Declaration from Oxyrhynchus (AnneMarie Luijendijk)
39. Coptic Letter (Leslie S. B. MacCoull)
40. Invocation (Alain Martin)
41. Grammatical Text: A Treatise on the Declension of Nouns (Kathleen McNamee)
42. Rules of an Association of Soknebtunis (Andrew Monson)
43. A Fourth-Century Inventory of Columns and the Late Roman Building Industry (Arietta Papaconstantinou)
44. Brief über kirchliche Angelegenheiten (Amphilochios Papathomas)
45. Rapporto allo stratego (MS 1802/38) (Rosario Pintaudi)
46. A Reconstructed Land Survey from Kerkeosiris (Dominic Rathbone, Dorothy J. Thompson, and Arthur Verhoogt)
47. A Draft of a Rider to a Cession Contract (David M. Ratzan)
48. A New Fragment of a Techne grammatike (P.Mich. inv. 30) (Timothy Renner)
49. O.BM EA 20300: In Search of the Latest Dated Demotic Ostrakon (Tonio Sebastian Richter)
50. Letter from Philotas to His Brother Dioscourides: Philotas, a Black Sheep in a High-Class Family? (Cornelia Römer)
51. List of the Parts of the Forearm and Hand (Paul Schubert)
52. Order for Delivery of Wheat and Lentils (Jennifer Sheridan Moss)
53. An Arabic Land Lease from Ṭuṭūn (Petra M. Sijpesteijn)
54. Payment Record (Timothy Teeter)
55. Letter from Theophanes to Anysios (J. David Thomas)
56. A Census Return from Hermopolis from AD 189 (Peter van Minnen)
57. A Saite Book of the Dead Fragment in the Kelsey Museum of Archaeology (Terry G. Wilfong)
58–69. Greek Ostraka from the Mut Precinct, South Karnak (Klaas A. Worp, with a preface by Richard Fazzini)
70. P.Col. inv. 33r and the Processing of Data in Early Roman Egypt (Uri Yiftach-Firanko)