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Sunday, March 17, 2013

R.S. Bagnall, P. Davoli, C.A.C. Hope edd., The Oasis Papers 6: Proceedings of the Sixth International Conference of the Dakhleh Oasis Project

 ISBN: 9781842175248 | Published by: Oxbow Books | Series: Dakhleh Oasis Project Monograph | Volume: 15 | Year of Publication: 2013 | Language: English 512p,

Table of Contents

Major Archaeological Sites in Kharga Oasis and Some Recent Discoveries by the Supreme Council of Antiquities (Bahgat A. Ibrahim) 
Wanderers in the Desert: The North Kharga Oasis Survey’s Exploration of the Darb ‘Ain Amur (Salima Ikram) 
Demotische und kursivhieratische Ostraka aus Mut al-Kharab (Günter Vittmann) 
Cultural Heritage Management of the Archaeological Resources of the Deserts of Egypt (Sayed Yamani) 

The Culture of the Oases: Late Neolithic Herders in Farafra, A Matter of Identity (Barbara E. Barich) 
Geomatics Resources for Archaeological Survey in Desert Areas – Some Prospects from Farafra Oasis, Egypt (Barbara E. Barich, Mattia Crespi, Ulisse Fabiani and Giulio Lucarini) 
Beyond the Shale: Pottery and Cultures in the Prehistory of the Egyptian Western Desert (Maria C. Gatto) 
The Gebel Souhan Problem: Local Innovation in the Middle Stone Age? (Maxine R. Kleindienst and Marcia F. Wiseman) 
Early Craftsmen of the Desert. Traces of Predynastic Lithic Technology at Farafra during the Mid-Holocene (Giulio Lucarini) 
Levallois Lithics on a Middle Stone Age Playa: Finds at Bir el-Obeiyid, Northern Farafra Depression, Egypt (Giuseppina Mutri) 
Wadi Sura and the Gilf Kebir National Park: Challenge and chance for archaeology and conservation in Egypt’s south-west (Heiko Riemer and Rudolph Kuper) 
The Khargan Industry Revisited (Marcia F. Wiseman) 
Technique and Content in the Rock Art of the Libyan Fezzan: some Saharan Stereotypes (Daniela Zampetti) 

Egyptian Connections with Dakhleh Oasis in the Early Dynastic Period to Dynasty IV: new data from Mut al-Kharab (Colin A. Hope and Amy J. Pettman) 
Epigraphic Evidence from the Dakhleh Oasis in the Late Period (Olaf E. Kaper) 
An Old Kingdom Trading Post at ‘Ain el-Gazzareen, Dakhleh Oasis (Anthony J. Mills) 
The Date of the Occupation of ‘Ain el-Gazzareen based on Ceramic Evidence (Amy J. Pettman) 
Provisions for the Journey: Food Production in the ‘bakery’ area of ‘Ain el-Gazzareen, Dakhleh Oasis (Amy J. Pettman, Ursula Thanheiser and Charles S. Churcher) 

Ptolemaic Period Pottery from Mut al-Kharab, Dakhleh Oasis (James C. R. Gill) 

An Agricultural Account from the Gemellos Archive (Giuseppina Azzarello) 
Cemeteries in Dakhleh (Maher Bashendi) 
Amheida 2007–2009: New Results from the Excavations (Paola Davoli) 
Les Nécropoles d’el-Deir (Oasis de Kharga) (Françoise Dunand, Jean-Louis Heim and Roger Lichtenberg) 
Yale University Nadura Temple Project: 2009 Season (David Klotz) 
al-Qasr: the Roman Castrum of Dakhleh Oasis (Paul Kucera) 
Five Roman-Period Tunics from Kellis (Rosanne Livingstone) 
A Remark on the Poll Tax Rate in Kysis (Fabian Reiter) 
Controlling the Borders of the Empire: the distribution of Late-Roman ‘forts’ in the Kharga Oasis (Corinna Rossi) 
Painted Surfaces on Mud Plaster and Three-Dimensional Mud Elements: The Status of Conservation Treatments and Recommendations for Continuing Research (Constance S. Silver) 
The Survey Project at el-Deir, Kharga Oasis: First Results, New Hypotheses (Gaëlle Tallet, Jean-Paul Bravard, Romain Garcier, Stéphanie Guédon and Ashraf Mostapha) 
Amheida: Architectural Conservation and Site Development, 2004–2009 (Nicholas Warner) 
Vine and Acanthus: decorative themes in the wall-paintings of Kellis (Helen Whitehouse) 

The Church Complex of ‘Ain el-Gedida, Dakhleh Oasis (Nicola Aravecchia) 
Christianity on Thoth’s Hill (Roger S. Bagnall and Raffaella Cribiore) 
Coins as Tools for Dating the Foundation of the Large East Church at Kellis: problems and a possible solution (Gillian E. Bowen) 
The Church of Dayr Abu Matta and its Associated Structures: an overview of four seasons of excavation (Gillian E. Bowen) 
The Christian Necropolis of el-Deir in the North of Kharga Oasis (Magali Coudert) 
Ceramics from ‘Ain el-Gedida, Dakhleh Oasis: preliminary results (Delphine Dixneuf) 
Coptic Ostraka from Qasr al-Dakhleh (Iain Gardner) 
Naqlun: the Earliest Hermitages (Wlodzimierz Godlewski) 
Contribution of Textiles as Archaeological Artefacts to the Study of the Christian Cemetery of el-Deir (Fleur Letellier-Willemin)