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Thursday, May 23, 2013

M. Faraguna (ed.), Archives and Archival Documents in Ancient Societies,

M. Faraguna (ed.), Archives and Archival Documents in Ancient Societies, Trieste 30 September-1 October 2011 (Legal Documents in Ancient Societies IV, Graeca Tergestina 1), Trieste, EUT, 2013, 378 p. 
ISBN 978-88-8303-460-2

This book, part of a series aiming to investigate the legal systems of ancient societies through a document-based, comparative approach, focuses on the study of archives and archival records and their interplay with the workings of administrative and political systems. 

The papers are arranged in four sections dealing with the Ancient Near East, Classical Greece, the Persian Tradition and the Hellenistic World, and the Roman Empire. The themes touched upon chronologically span from the early second millennium B.C. to the late Roman Empire and geographically range from Mesopotamia to the Western Mediterranean. The archives considered, public and private, are conspicuous for their variety and reflect diverse archival concepts and traditions but a number of common patterns also emerge in respect to their physical organization, to the classification of texts, the function of record-keeping and the role of seals. We are entitled to speak of a recurring ?archival behaviour?.

Michele Faraguna (Trieste)
7 Foreword

Dennis Kehoe (New Orleans)
11 Archives and Archival Documents in Ancient Societies: Introduction

Ancient Near East

Sophie Démare-Lafont (Paris)
23 Zero and Infinity: the Archives in Mesopotamia

Klaas R. Veenhof (Leiden)
27 The Archives of Old Assyrian Traders: their Nature, Functions and Use

Antoine Jacquet (Paris)
63 Family Archives in Mesopotamia during the Old Babylonian Period

Susanne Paulus (Münster)
87 The Limits of Middle Babylonian Archives

Classical Greece

Christophe Pébarthe (Bordeaux)
107 Les archives de la cité de raison. Démocratie athénienne et pratiques documentaires à l?époque classique

Shimon Epstein (Tel-Aviv /Freiburg)
127 Attic Building Accounts from Euthynae to Stelae

Edward M. Harris (Durham)
143 The Plaint in Athenian Law and Legal Procedure

Michele Faraguna (Trieste)
163 Archives in Classical Greece: Some Observations

The Persian Tradition and the Hellenistic World

Ingo Kottsieper (Göttingen)
175 Aramäische Archive aus achämenidischer Zeit und ihre Funktion

Laura Boffo (Trieste)
201 La ?presenza? dei re negli archivi delle poleis ellenistiche

Lucia Criscuolo (Bologna)
245 Copie, malacopie, copie d'ufficio e il problema della titolarità di un archivio nell?Egitto tolemaico

Mark Depauw (Leuven)
259 Reflections on Reconstructing Private and Official Archives

The Roman Empire

Éva Jakab (Szeged)
269 Introduction: Archives in the Roman Empire

Kaja Harter-Uibopuu (Wien)
273 Epigraphische Quellen zum Archivwesen in den griechischen Poleis des ausgehenden Hellenismus und der Kaiserzeit

Thomas Kruse (Wien)
307 Bevölkerungskontrolle, Statuszugang und Archivpraxis im römischen Ägypten

Rudolf Haensch (München)
333 Die Statthalterarchive der Spätantike

Uri Yiftach-Firanko (Jerusalem)
351 Conclusions

363 Index locorum