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Thursday, August 15, 2013

L. Koenen, J. Kaimio, M. Kaimio, R. W. Daniel edd., Petra Papyri II (P.Petra II)

From Barbara A. Porter, ACOR Director

ACOR is pleased to announce the publication in summer 2013 of

The Petra Papyri II, edited by Ludwig Koenen, Jorma Kaimio, Maarit Kaimio, and Robert W. Daniel (2013). With contributions by Antti Arjava, Matias Buchholz, Robert C. Caldwell, Hani Ali Falahat, William H. Finch, Jaakko Frösén, Traianos Gagos, Omar al-Ghul, Ahmad M. Al-Jallad, Clement A. Kuehn, Marjo Lehtinen, and Tiina Purola. Plates prepared by Maija Holappa and layout by Isabelle Ruben.

This volume contains the edition of a single document, P. Petra 17, concerned with a division of property amongst three brothers and encompassing buildings, vineyards, and grainfields in the village of Serila, in an area called Ogbana, and in the city of Petra. The document bears the name Papyrus Petra Khaled and Suha Shoman.

It is a large format (33 x 25 cm), cloth-bound volume with 236 pages including 14 plates. One more volume is in preparation, and the complete five-volume series will provide full coverage of the carbonized Greek papyri found in December 1993 during excavations undertaken by ACOR at the Petra Church. (ISBN 978-9957-8543-6-2).

The cost to purchase this volume and previously published volumes is:
Vol. I (2002)                        $50 purchased at ACOR; with shipping total $80
Vol. II (2013)            $60 purchased at ACOR; with shipping total $100
Vol. III            (2007)            $60 purchased at ACOR; with shipping total $100
Vol. IV (2011)            $60 purchased at ACOR; with shipping total $100

Table of Contents:
Preface and Acknowledgments by B. A. Porter...vii
Foreword by L. Koenen, J. Kaimio, M. Kaimio, and R.W. Daniel  ... ix
Bibliography and Abbreviations compiled by M. Buchholz ... xi
 Terms Pertaining to Dwellings and Agriculture in 17
                                    by L. Koenen, J. Kaimio, M. Kaimio,
                                    and R.W. Daniel  ... 1
The Arabic Toponyms and Oikonyms in 17
                                    by A.M. Al-Jallad, O. al-Ghul, and R.W. Daniel ... 23
Vestiges of the Toponyms of 17 in Wadi Musa?
                                    by H.A. Falahat and R.W. Daniel  ... 49
17. Division of Property among Three Brothers by L. Koenen,
     J. Kaimio, M. Kaimio, and R.W. Daniel  ... 51
1. The Physical Format of the Papyrus ... 51
2. The Writing ... 53
3. The Parties of the Division and Other Persons ... 54
4. The Date ... 58
5. The Structure of the Document ...  60
6. Landed Property ... 64
6.1. Form of the Entries ... 64
6.2. Entire or Split Plots? ... 67
6.3. Τό(ποϲ), “Plot” or “Area?” ... 70
6.4. The Identification of Plots ... 74
6.5. Plot Charts ...  76
7. Dwellings and Related Property ... 81
7.1. Form of the Entries ... 81
7.2. The Aule Darath al-Ebad and Neighboring Houses in Serila ... 83
7.3. The Large Aule with Watchtower in Serila ... 85
7.4. Agricultural Facilities in Serila ... 86
7.5. Dwellings and Related Property in Petra ... 86
8. The Balance of the Division ... 88
                  Text ... 91
                  Translation ... 96                 
                  Commentary ... 99
                  A Selection of Unplaced Fragments ... 152
                  The Reconstructed Order of the Fragments ...159
                  Concordance of Line Numbers  ... 165
Index to Volumes I, II, III, and IV by T. Purola  ... 167
Introduction to the Plates by L. Koenen and M. Kaimio ... 195
Plates prepared by M. Holappa ... 197
Concordance ...  213
Illustration Credits