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Wednesday, February 12, 2014

BASP 50 (2013)

P.Oxy. 4.755 descr. – a Homeric Papyrus at Princeton (Iliad 5.130-174)
Andrzej Mirończuk...7

Greek von Scherling Papyri in Leiden
Klaas A. Worp...15

Zwei Aufträge zur Ausstellung von Kopfsteuerquittungen
Dieter Hagedorn....39

Penthemeros Certificates from the Granary C123, Karanis
W. Graham Claytor...49

A Schedule of Contracts and a Private Letter: P.Fay. 344 Century CE
W. Graham Claytor...77

P.Tebt. 2.562: Conclusion of a Report of Proceedings
Taylor Coughlan...123

A Loan of Wheat
Daniel Ullucci...129

Guarding Grapes in Roman Egypt (P.Mich. inv. 438)
Kyle Helms...135

The Mysterion of P.Mich. inv. 4061
C. Michael Sampson...145

P.Corn. inv. 127: Letter Seeking Capture and Rendition of Runaway ταρσικάριοι
Ryan E. McConnell...153

Receipt from Alexandros to Anoubion
C. Michael Sampson...165

A Coptic Letter Referring to the Bishop of Babylon
Jennifer Westerfeld...171

A Bawit Fragment in Phoenix
Leslie S.B. MacCoull...183

Deux papyrus coptes et une inscription grecque du Monastère Blanc
Alain Delattre...187

Attestations of ἡ κοινή in BKT 10.4 (Hom. Od. 15.531-553 with marginal annotations)
Michael Haslam...203

The Earliest Corrections in Codex Sinaiticus: A Test Case from the Gospel of Mark
Peter Malik...207

“Goldfinger” on a Leiden Mummy Label? 
Raquel Martín Hernández and Klaas A. Worp...255

Chrysos Bourdonon: SB 16.12828 Revisited 
Roger S. Bagnall and Klaas A. Worp...261

Natural Resources in Roman Egypt: Extraction, Transport, and Administration 
Colin Adams...265

Notes on Papyri...283

Review Article
Sur un nouveau manuel de paléographie des papyrus documentaires grecs 
Jean-Luc Fournet...87

Philodemus, On Death, translated with an introduction and notes by W. Benjamin Henry 
(Voula Tsouna)....01

Lutz Popko, Nadine Quenouille, and Michaela Rücker (eds.), Von Sklaven, Pächtern und Politikern. Beiträge zum Alltag in Ägypten, Griechenland und Rom. Δουλικὰ ἔργα zu Ehren von Reinhold Scholl. Archiv für Papyrusforschung, Beiheft 33 
(Peter van Minnen)...309

V. Bartoletti, G. Bastianini, G. Messeri, F. Montanari, and R. Pintaudi, Papiri greci e latini 15 (Maryline Parca)...311

Hélène Cadell, Willy Clarysse, and Kennokka Robic, Papyrus de la Sorbonne (P.Sorb. III nos 70-144). Papyrologica Parisina [1] 
(Peter van Minnen)...315

Jan Bazant, Hermann Harrauer, and Rosario Pintaudi (eds.), “Papyrologica III,” Eirene 46 (2010) 5-149 
(Peter van Minnen)....319

S. Gaffino Moeri, S. Gällnö, N. Poget, and P. Schubert, Les Papyrus de Genève
(Peter van Minnen )...323

Rodney Ast, Late Antique Greek Papyri in the Collection of the Friedrich-Schiller-Universität Jena (P. Jena II). Papyrologische Texte und Abhandlungen 45 
(Peter van Minnen)...27

Günter Poethke, Sebastian Prignitz, and Veit Vaelske, Das Aktenbuch des Aurelios Philammon. Prozessberichte, Annona militaris und Magie in BGU IV 1024-1027. Archiv für Papyrusforschung, Beiheft 34 
(Peter van Minnen)...331

Jitse H.F. Dijkstra, Syene I: The Figural and Textual Graffiti from the Temple of Isis at Aswan, with a contribution on the Egyptian texts by E. Cruz-Uribe. Beiträge zur ägyptischen Bauforschung und Altertumskunde 18 
(Sven P. Vleeming)...335

T.V. Evans and D.D. Obbink (eds.), The Language of the Papyri 
(Peter van Minnen)...339

Marja Vierros, Bilingual Notaries in Hellenistic Egypt: A Study of Greek as a Second Language. Collectanea Hellenistica 5 
(Coulter George)...343

Charikleia Armoni, Studien zur Verwaltung des Ptolemäischen Ägypten. Das Amt des Basilikos Grammateus. Papyrologica Coloniensia 36 
(Andrew Monson)...349

Andrew T. Wilburn, Materia Magica: The Archaeology of Magic in Roman Egypt, Cyprus, and Spain 
(Joseph E. Sanzo)...353

Books Received...359

American Studies in Papyrology...361