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Sunday, May 11, 2014

Around the Web

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Alin Suciu "Guest Post: Joost L. Hagen – Possible further proof of forgery" (of ps.GJW)

Evangelical Textual Criticism: Peter Head "Pseudo-Gospel of Jesus Wife as Case Study"

Ségolène Tarte has a number of interesting papers available concerning advances being made on digital imaging, especially of waxed tablets, and the praxis of decipherment.

Willy Clarysse has made more of his papers available.
BMCR has reviewed
J. van der Vliet, J. L. Hagen (ed.), Qasr Ibrim, Between Egypt and Africa: Studies in Cultural Exchange (S. Burstein)

 P. Petra II  (Lajos Berkes)

A. Blanchard's Ménandre, tome II Paris:  Les Belles Lettres, 2013.