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Tuesday, July 08, 2014

International Conference: ‘Palladas and the New Papyrus’ UC London, 04 - 05 September 2014

International Conference: ‘Palladas and the New Papyrus’

04 - 05 September 2014
UCL Roberts Building, Lecture Theatre 421 Torrington Place, London WC1E 7JE
THURSDAY 04/09/14 Arrival and Registration/ Tea and Coffee Welcome: Gesine Manuwald (UCL) Keynote Speech
Tea and Coffee
Session 1: Text and Context - A

Kevin Wilkinson (Toronto)
Is Every Poet a Liar? Poetic Fiction and Historical Fact in the Epigrams of Palladas

Alan Cameron (Columbia)
Palladas and Constantinople

David Klotz (Yale)
‘Triphis, who has suffered much’: the Egyptian temple of Triphis and its tribulations in the Late Roman Period

Public Event: Palladas in Performance
Location: Darwin B40 Lecture Theatre Darwin Building, UCL
Gower Street London WC1E 6BT

Tony Harrison (film)

 Reading Palladas in Translation

Jo Balmer

Palladas: The Other Half Speaks Out

Edith Hall (KCL)
Palladas and his Influence

19.00-19.15: Questions from the audience
Location: UCL Department of Greek and Latin, Room 106
FRIDAY 05/09/14 Tea and Coffee
Session 2: Text and Context - B
Gower Street

London WC1E 6BT

Gianfranco Agosti (Rome)
Metrical inscriptions of the IVth century and P. CtYBR inv 4000: Contextualizing a late antique anthology

11.40 - 12.20 Rodney Ast (Heidelberg)
The New Palladas in Light of Greek Documentary Papyri from Upper Egypt

Luis Arturo Guichard (Salamanca)
Poetic Geographies: the Yale Book of Epigrams in the Context of 3th-4th Century Literature

Session 3: Intra-/Inter-textuality

Alexander Sens (Georgetown)
Palladas and Hellenistic Epigram

Tea and Coffee
Session 4: Iambic and Skoptic
Lucia Floridi (Milan)
Skoptic epigram in P. CtYBR inv.4000

TAS Restaurant
22 Bloomsbury Street

Kathryn Gutzwiller (Cincinnati)
Palladas Sequences in the Greek Anthology and the Yale Papyrus

Maria Kanellou (UCL)
Looking Back in Time: Iambic Echoes

17.20 - 17.30 Closing Remarks

Chris Carey (UCL) & Edith Hall (KCL)

20.00 Conference Dinner:

London WC1B 3QJ