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Friday, January 16, 2015

"Fill in the Editor's name" appeal from TM

I want to thank all of you who have added editors since I sent out the appeal (I repeat it below) yesterday. Meanwhile 8141 texts have been assigned, which is a huge success. To avoid tedious scrolling in the long list, I have now removed these entries and added the new information to the records in Trismegistos. I will undertake similar action periodically in the next days and weeks. So don't think your work is lost: it's just used already :-). As the online version of Trismegistos is updated only once a week, however, mostly on Fridays, you may have to wait a bit to see the results. But they are coming.

Keep up the good work in the next days, please. If 10% of the papyrologists do a volume each, we're a long way already. 

Thanks, Mark 

 Dear PAPY-list members, Several of you have checked how many papyri they are supposed to have edited according to the TM data on http://www.trismegistos.org/tm/search_publications.php. Some of you have been disappointed (and have even written to us - with clarity and bitterness), not because they have been not as industrious as they thought they had been, but because our data are lacunose, as we said. This is because data entry like this is costly, especially when several papyrologists have cooperated in a single volume but have not taken common responsibility for the entire book. An example are the P. Oxy. volumes, but there are many others. So I thought: before I publish that top 100, I should perhaps give everyone the possibility to help us, by adding editor's data for themselves, for colleagues who can no longer add them, or just for scholarship's sake or because you want to support us. 
We'd appreciate that very much. So please add editor's data in the following Google spreadsheet: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1q6UAOq_5Wkr9uoMo3nPrFfmv8xrTtGE2hPFt5pNNQ1I/edit?usp=sharing > The editor's name(s) ideally would take the following format: surname, first name(s) / surname, first name(s), e.g. "Clarysse, Willy / Worp, Klaas Anthony". If you do not know the full first name, just abbreviate it.
 please email Herbert: herbert.verreth@arts.kuleuven.be (he volunteered, in case you're wondering).