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Tuesday, November 10, 2015

ZPE 196 (2015)


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 Avdokhin, A., A Dipinto from the So-Called “Chapel of St Paul” (Caesarea Maritima): a Reading and Interpretation 155 

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Revisited 307 Lamont, J. L., A New Commercial Curse Tablet from Classical Athens 159 

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– Guerra Millán, S., Una inscripción constructiva procedente de Metellinum (provincia Lusitania) 303 

 Sonnino, M., PSI 1463.4 (= Hom. Od. 22.423): δουλο]σύνης  πέχεσθαι o altro? Una lectio ‘eccentrica’ prearistarchea in un papiro perduto 1 

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 –, A Greek Ancestor of the Sortes Sanctorum 94