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Sunday, May 03, 2009

CSAD: Photographic Archive of Papyri in the Cairo Museum

P.Cairo 10759
Centre for the Study of Ancient Documents: Photographic Archive of Papyri in the Cairo Museum


In the 1970s and 1980s an International Photographic Mission initiated and sponsored by the Association Internationale de Papyrologues and UNESCO made slides and photographs of the several thousand published Greek papyri held in the Cairo Museum. The International Photographic Archive of Papyri (IPAP) consists of about 6000 slides and large format negatives, in equal proportions, held at Oxford, Brussels, Cologne, Heidelberg and Copenhagen.

As part of its Script, Image and the Culture of Writing in the Ancient World programme funded by the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation the Centre for the Study of Ancient Documents has undertaken a programme of cataloguing and digitising the photographs in the Archive with a view to making them more readily available to the scholarly community.

Digitised images of the majority of the photographs in Archive are now available from this site, organised according to published collections. The digitised images are drawn partly from the 4x5 inch and 6x9 cm black and white negatives taken by Adam Bülow-Jacobsen, partly from the 35mm colour slides and black and white negatives held in the Papyrology Room in Oxford. We are particularly grateful to Dr. Bülow-Jacobsen for making available the beautiful large format photographs which he took for the IPAP mission."

Codex P.Cairo 10759, found at Akhmim (Panopolis) in Upper Egypt and dating from the 6th-9th. centuries, contains manuscript copies of both the Gospel of Peter and chapters 1-27 of 1 Enoch:
Gospel of Peter
Apocalypsis Enochi

Aegyptische Urkunden aus den Königlichen Museen zu Berlin, Griechische Urkunden (BGU IV)

The Archive of Aurelius Isidorus in the Egyptian Museum, Cairo, and the University of Michigan (P.Cair.Isid.)

Papyrus grecs d'époque byzantine, Catalogue général des antiquités égyptiennes du Musée du Caire (P.Cair.Masp. I 67001-67120)

Papyrus grecs d'époque byzantine, Catalogue génral des antiquités égyptiennes du Musée du Caire (P.Cair.Masp. II 67125-67278)

Papyrus grecs d'époque byzantine, Catalogue génral des antiquités égyptiennes du Musée du Caire (P.Cair.Masp. III 67279-67359)

Griechische Urkunden des Aegyptischen Museums zu Kairo, ed. F. Preisigke (P.Cair.Preis.)

Cairo Zenon Papyri (P.Cair.Zen. I [59001-59139])

Cairo Zenon Papyri (P.Cair.Zen. II [59140-59297])

Cairo Zenon Papyri (P.Cair.Zen. III [59298-59531])

Cairo Zenon Papyri (P.Cair.Zen. IV [59532-59800])

Cairo Zenon Papyri (P.Cair.Zen. V [59802-59851])

Elephantine-Papyri (P.Eleph.)

ΕΝΤΕΥΞΕΙΣ: Requêtes et plaintes adressées au Roi d'Égypte au IIIe siècle avant J.-C. (P.Enteux.)

Cairo Fayum Papyri (P.Fay. 006-346)

Les Papyrus Fouad I (P.Fouad)

The Hibeh Papyri (P.Hib. I-II)

Papyrus grecs (Institut Papyrologique de l'Université de Lille) (P.Lille) 4: 5 6 8 21 41

Michigan Papyri (P.Mich. I, VI, VII, VIII)

Papiri della R. Università di Milano (P.Mil.Vogl.)

Papyri Osloenses (P.Oslo)

Oxyrhynchus Papyri (P.Oxy. 1.38 - 9.1223)

Oxyrhynchus Papyri (P.Oxy. 10.1236 - 15.1820)

Oxyrhynchus Papyri (P.Oxy. 16.1837 - 2059)

Papyrus de Philadelphie (P.Phil.)

Papiri greci e latini (PSI)

The Archive of Aurelius Sakaon: Papers of an Egyptian Farmer in the last Century of Theadelphia (P.Sakaon)

Das Archiv des Soterichos (P.Soter.)

R.A. Pack, The Greek and Latin Literary Texts from Greco-Roman Egypt (Pack2)
189 Callimachus, Hymnus iii. 46-54, 78-84, with scholia
219 Callimachus, Scholia on Iambus 1. PSI.9.1094
412 Euripides, Orestes 754-64. P.Cairo inv. 56224.
493 Hesiod, Theogonia 1-51. P.Cairo inv. 47269. On the verso of an account.
616 Homer P.Hawara 24-28 (Bodleian Libr., Gr. Class. A.1 (P)). Homer, Iliad I, 506-10, Iliad II, 1-877
733 Homer, Iliad v. 1-41, 43-56, 58-74, 76-278, 284-303, 329-51, 353-74, 397-406, 420-21, 425-42, 544-48, 701-5. P.Oxy.2.22
949 Homer, Iliad xvii. 649-71, 681-83. On the verso of accounts.
1003 Homer, Iliad xxiii. 135-91, 252, 345-70, 383-406, 648-49. P.Cairo inv. 47268.
1017 Homer, Iliad xxiv. 373-96. P.Cairo inv. 45617.
1110 Homer, Odyssey xiii. 341-61. P.Cairo inv. 49655. On the verso of a cursive text.
1218 Homer, glossary (words in en-). P.Cairo inv. 50208
1330 Oppian, Halieutica iv. 412-38. P.Cairo inv. 45623. On the verso of Pack 2910.
1505 Thucydides, Historia i. 3.3-4. (P.Cairo inv. 47993a)
1560 Xenophon, Memorabilia iii.1.4-7 (P.Cairo inv. 45612). Parchment. Part of a codex.
1842 Epic (Hesiod, Catalogus?). (P.Cairo inv. 47270).
2197 History. On Alexander's campaign in India. (P.Cairo inv. 49653).
2910 Prose (?). On recto of Pack 1330. (P.Cairo Inv. 45623).

Publications de la Sorbonne, Série "Papyrologie" (Publ.Sorb.Pap. 1: Catalogue des papyrus juifs et chrétiens)

Sammelbuch griechischer Urkunden aus Aegypten (SB)

APF 1, p. 61
APF 1, p. 62
APF 2, p. 80
APF 2, p. 82
P.Charite 18
P.Coll.Youtie 1.2
P.Grenf. 1.60
P.Grenf. 1.62
P.Grenf. 2.4
P.Petr. 1.27

P.Petr. 2.26
P.Petr. 3.36 recto
P.Petr. 3.36 verso
P.Petr. 3.117
P.Quseir 3
P.Ryl. 3.478
P.Sel.Warga 3
P.Tebt. 2.279
P.Turner 21

Pap.Flor. 4.10
Pap.Graec.Mag. 2.13
Pap.Graec.Mag. 2.66
Pap.Graec.Mag. 2.67
P.Cair.Goodsp. 12
P.Cair.Goodsp. 13
P.Cair.Goodsp. 14
P.Cair.Goodsp. 15
P.Col. 7.155