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Thursday, May 31, 2012

Contact Forum: ‘The Vocabulary of the Zenon Archive and the Language of the Greek Papyri’,

From Trevior Evans: 

You are warmly invited to participate in the Contact Forum ‘The Vocabulary of the Zenon Archive and the Language of the Greek Papyri’, to be hosted by the Royal Flemish Academy in Brussels on 11–12 September 2012.

The conveners are Willy Clarysse (Leuven), Mark Janse (Ghent), and Mark Depauw (Leuven), in collaboration with Trevor Evans (Macquarie).

The Contact Forum will feature a series of workshops and presentations. These will be presented by Klaas Bentein (Ghent), Willy Clarysse, Mark Depauw, Trevor Evans, Mark Janse, John Lee (Macquarie), Delphine Nachtergaele (Ghent), Bart Van Beek (Leuven), and Herbert Verreth (Leuven).

"This is the first international colloquium of the ‘Words from the Sand’ project, a lexical analysis of the Zenon Archive, directed by Trevor Evans and John Lee at Macquarie University, Sydney in collaboration with James Aitken (University of Cambridge) and funded by the Australian Research Council."

There is no fee for attendance, but numbers are limited. Please register by emailing me (trevor.evans@mq.edu.au) to secure a place and receive further details.

A. Benaissa, Rural Settlements of the Oxyrhynchite Nome A Papyrological Survey

Trismegistos Online Publications - IV -
Rural Settlements of the Oxyrhynchite Nome A Papyrological Survey
Version 2.0 May 2012
Compiled and Annotated by
Köln / Leuven
© 2012 Trismegistos

University of Oxford 

From Alin Suciu's blog

Christie’s Auction of an Early Christian Papyrus Document

On June 13, Christie’s will be organizing an auction that will include the opportunity to purchase several Coptic manuscripts. The details of this auction can be found on their website (HEREHERE, or HERE). From the information supplied by Christie’s, I was able to infer that the manuscripts on sale belonged to Lawrence Feinberg, an American collector who died in 2009. THIS WEBSITE gives the following information concerning Feinberg:

Friday, May 18, 2012

J. Gascou, Les images des papyrus et parchemins du Moyen Euphrate

            Nous croyons répondre à l'attente des romanistes et des papyrologues en mettant à leur disposition sur ce site, dans l’ordre des publications, les images en couleur des papyrus et parchemins du Moyen Euphrate (désormais connus sous le sigle P.Euphr.).
            Elles ont été réalisées en avril 2012 à l'Institut de Papyrologie de la Sorbonne par Adam Bülow-Jacobsen avec l'aimable permission du propriétaire des documents.
            Leur affichage en ligne est un prélude à la réunion de l'ensemble du dossier dans un catalogue unique.
            Avant même les premières publications, Fergus Millar avait souligné l'intérêt historique unique de ce dossier (The Roman Near East 31 BC-AD 337, [Cambridge [Masss.]- Londres 1993], p. 129-131, 155-156 et 478-481). L'attention des spécialistes ne s'est pas démentie par la suite à en juger d'après nombre d'études savantes et la répercussion rapide de nos éditions dans plusieurs synthèses d'histoire romaine et manuels destinés à l'enseignement supérieur.

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Bagnall, R.S., Ruffini, G. edd, O. Triminthis I (e-pub)

Texts from the 2004–2007 Seasons
Roger S. Bagnall and Giovanni R. Ruffini
with contributions by
Raffaella Cribiore and Günter Vittmann
Publisher's blurb:

This volume presents 455 inscribed pottery fragments, or ostraka, found during NYU’s excavations at Amheida in the western desert of Egypt. The majority date to the Late Roman period (3rd to 4th century AD), a time of rapid social change in Egypt and the ancient Mediterranean generally. Amheida was a small administrative center, and the full publication of these brief texts illuminates the role of writing in the daily lives of its inhabitants. The subjects covered by the Amheida ostraka include the distribution of food, the administration of wells, the commercial lives of inhabitants, their education, and other aspects of life neglected in literary sources. The authors provide a full introduction to the technical aspects of terminology and chronology, while also situating this important evidence in its historical, social and regional context.

info at NYU "Excavations at Amheida" page
Printed edition from  NYU Press

Sunday, May 13, 2012

EVENT: Training, Cheating, Winning, Praising: Athletes and Shows in Papyri from Roman Egypt

Training, Cheating, Winning, Praising: Athletes and Shows in Papyri from Roman Egypt
6.00pm - 7.15pm, followed by a drinks reception
Wednesday, 20 June 2012 
The British Academy, 10-11 Carlton House Terrace, London, SW1Y 5AH

Three Short Lectures on the ‘Olympic’ tradition in Roman and Byzantine Egypt as revealed by new and old texts from Oxyrhynchus.

In the second and third centuries AD the cities of the eastern provinces of the Roman Empire developed a mania for grand public competitions in athletics, musical performance and chariot-racing. This exuberant tradition, which was explictly based on the original Olympic games and designed to proclaim the cultural Greekness of the competing cities, is best attested to us from documents on papyrus preserved in the detritus of the ancient cities of Oxyrhynchus and Hermopolis. 

To mark the London Olympics (for related Classical events see the Society for the Promotion of Roman Studies website, a volume of new texts on this theme, ranging from literary works to a contract to throw a wrestling match, is being prepared for The Oxyrhynchus Papyri, published by the Egypt Exploration Society with the support of the British Academy and the AHRC. The lectures will present the most exciting of the new texts in the context of previous discoveries among the papyri.

About the Speakers:
Chair: Dominic Rathbone, Professor of Ancient History, King’s College London

Christopher Carey, Professor of Greek at University College London, is an expert on the victory odes of Pindar: Celebrations in the sand: victory songs and other texts from Oxyrhynchus

William J. Slater, Emeritus Professor of Classics at McMaster University, Canada, is a
scholar of Pindar turned auditor of the finances of ancient festivals and competitors: Fame and especially fortune: the dark side of Olympia

Margaret Mountford, erstwhile corporate lawyer and adviser on BBC TV’s The Apprentice, has just completed a PhD in papyrology at University College London including the edition of some Byzantine circus programmes: The Oxyrhynchus papyri: because they’re worth it.

Attendance is free, but registration is required for this event.  Please click here to register or visit our website: www.britac.ac.uk/events.

Monday, May 07, 2012


Istituto Papirologico “G. Vitelli”

Facoltà di Lettere e Filosofia - Dottorato di Ricerca in Filologie e Linguistica

convegno internazionale di studi
Firenze, 14-15 giugno 2012 - Salone delle Feste, Hotel Astoria - via del Giglio 9, Firenze

 Giovedì 14 giugno 2012
 ore 9.15                        Saluto del Magnifico Rettore prof. Alberto Tesi
Saluto del Preside della Facoltà di Lettere e Filosofia prof. Riccardo Bruscagli

 ore 9.30                       Prima sessione:
 presiede Guido Bastianini

Piero Totaro (Bari): La Niobe di Eschilo e di Sofocle: il contributo dei papiri

Matteo Taufer (Freiburg i.B.): Eschilo nei papiri ossirinchiti: i frustuli del Prometeo e dei Sette

Patrick Finglass (Nottingham): The value of papyri for the textual criticism of Sophocles

Guido Avezzù (Verona): Considerazioni sui drammi satireschi di Sofocle

 15.30                           Seconda sessione:
 Presiede: Rosario Pintaudi (Messina)
Luciano Canfora - Massimo Pinto (Bari):  Il falso Eschilo di Simonidis

Alan H. Sommerstein (Nottingham); Aeschylus’ Semele and its companion plays

Luigi Battezzato (Vercelli): Teseo e Arianna: Sofocle (?), P.Oxy. 2452

Paolo Scattolin (Verona): Le notizie sul Tereo di Sofocle nei papiri

 Venerdì 15 giugno 2012

 9.30                             Terza sessione:
Presiede: Gabriella Messeri (Napoli)
Augusto Guida (Udine): Sofocle, I segugi: alla scoperta di un ‘suono adulatore di pastori’

Lorenza Savignago (Padova): Sofocle, Inaco: P.Tebt. 692 (TrGF 4 F 269c) riconsiderato                                              

Alexander Garvie (Glasgow): P.Oxy. 2256 fr. 3, a shocking papyrus, 60 years on                                              

Angelo Casanova (Firenze): Riflessioni sui frammenti dei Diktyoulkoi di Eschilo

 15.30                         Quarta sessione:
 Presiede: Angelo Casanova

 Paolo Carrara (Arezzo): Eschilo ad Ossirinco: copie di drammi eschilei nel sec. II d.C.

Franco Ferrari (L’Aquila): Oggetti non identificati: riflessioni sui Theoroi di Eschilo

Marco Stroppa (Firenze): Esegesi a Sofocle nei papiri

 Guido Bastianini (Firenze): Gli scolî nel PSI XI 1192 (Sofocle, Edipo Re)

Informazioni e segreteria
Dipartimento di Scienze dell’Antichità Medioevo e Rinascimento e Linguistica
piazza Brunelleschi 3 - 50121  Firenze
Tel.: 055.2757872 - 055.2757878

Fax: 055.2757897

Sunday, May 06, 2012

GAGOS, T. (ET al.), Proceedings of the 25th International Congress of Papyrology

Title Author(s) PDF download (if available) Front Matter — Dedication — Table of Contents —

 Preface   GAGOS, Traianos; HYATT, Adam; VERHOOGT, Arthur; WILFONG, Terry

Organization of the Congress — List of Participants — Congress Program — List of Abbreviations —

Bureaucracy and Power in Diocletian's Egypt: The World of P.Panop.Beatty 1   ADAMS, Colin E.P.

A Nun's Dispute with Her Mother in P.Lond. V 1731   MARTÍNEZ, María Jesús Albarrán

New Light on the katagraphé and its Pharaonic Background   ALLAM, Schafik

“Neither a Truant nor a Fugitive”: Some Remarks on the Sale of Slaves in Roman Egypt and Other Provinces  ARZT-GRABNER, Peter

Vecchi e nuovi personaggi della famiglia degli Apioni nei documenti papiracei AZZARELLO, Giuseppina

An Approach to the Papyrological Understanding of Paul's Labouring “Night and Day” (1Thess 2:9) BAMMER, Andreas

 The Syllabic Word-Lists in P.Bour. 1 Reconsidered  BALPU, Nele; HUYS, Marc; SCHMIDT, Thomas

 The Onomastic Evidence for the God Hermanubis  BENAISSA, Amin

 The Derveni Papyrus: Problems of Edition, Problems of Interpretation BERNABÉ, Alberto

 Toponymie et cartographie du nome mendésien à l'époque romaine BLOUIN, Katherine

 Per una ricostruzione del De vitiis di Filodemo CAPASSO, Mario

 Soknopaiou Nesos 2004–2006 CAPASSO, Mario

 Aristoboulos and the Hieros Logos of the Egyptian Jews CAPPONI, Livia

 Per una nuova edizione dell'Index Stoicorum di Filodemo (P.Herc. 1018) CAVALIERI, Maria Clara

 T.C. Skeat and the Problem of Fiber Orientation in Codicological Reconstruction CHARLESWORTH, S.D.

 The Customs Districts of Roman Egypt COTTIER, Michel

 Soknopaiou Nesos Project: The Resumption of the Archaeological Investigation. The settlement and its territory DAVOLI, Paola; CHIESI, Ivan; OCCHI, Simone; RAIMONDI, Nicola

 P.Herc. 1399: il primo libro del Περὶ ὁμιλίας di Filodemo DEL MASTRO, Gianluca

 Nouveaux textes coptes d'Antinoé DELATTRE, Alain

 Du nouveau sur le P.Herc. Paris 2: la reconstruction des six dernières colonnes du rouleau DELATTRE, Daniel

La paraphylaké des villages dans les baux fonciers byzantins du nome Hermopolite DREW-BEAR,

Standard Koine Greek in Third Century BC Papyri EVANS, T.V.

 Greek Anthologies on Papyrus and their Readers in Early Ptolemaic Egypt FALIVENE, Maria Rosaria

Tholthis, sede dell'ufficio di Leodamas FATI, Lorenzo

 Topics and Models of School Exercises on Papyri and Ostraca from the Hellenistic Period: P.Berol. inv. 12318 FERNÁNDEZ-DELGADO, José-Antonio; PORDOMINGO, Francisca

 Ein Weg für ein besseres Verständnis von P.Mich. Inv. 6898 FÖRSTER, Hans

 Les tribulations d'un pétitionnaire égyptien à Constantinople. Révision de P.Cair.Masp. III 67352 FOURNET, Jean-Luc

 Identity and Security in the Mediterranean World ca. AD 640 – ca. 1517 FRANTZ-MURPHY, Gladys

 Una citazione del IV libro Sulla natura di Epicuro nel P.Herc. 807 (Filodemo, Περὶ θανάτου?) GIULIANO, Laura

 Information Packaging in Arabic Private and Business Letters (8th to 13th c. CE): Templates, Slots and a Cascade of Reduction and Rearrangement GROB, Eva Mira Christian Jensen's and Wolfgang Schmid's Unpublished Herculanean Papers: A Preliminary Report on the Content and the Relevance of the Material HAMMERSTAEDT, Jürgen

 An Arabic Will Written On a Ship HANAFI, Alia

 Revisions for P.Mich. X 578 (Census List) HANSON, Ann Ellis

 The Practice of Taxation in Three Late Ptolemaic Papyri Hoogendijk, FRANCISCA A.J.

 Le colonne I – X 10 di P.Herc. 1008 (Filodemo, I vizi, libro X) INDELLI, Giovanni

 Kauf oder Darlehen? Lieferungskäufe über Wein aus dem römischen Ägypten JAKAB, Eva

 Zur Flucht von Liturgen JÖRDENS, Andrea

 Identifying Hands: Same Book or Same Scribe? A Case Study of Some Plato Papyri KONSTANTINIDOU, Maria

 The Meandering Identity of a Fayum Canal: The Henet of Moeris / Dioryx Kleonos / Bahr Wardan / Abdul Wahbi   KRAEMER, Bryan
Eingabe an einen Beamten (P. graec. mon. 146) KRUSE, Thomas

Dorotheos Petitions for the Return of Philippa (P.Polit.Jud. 7): A Case Study in the Jews and their Law in Ptolemaic Egypt KUGLER, Rob

 Antimisthosis in the Dioscorus Archive LEMAIRE, Florence

 Il P.Herc. 1010 (Epicuro, Sulla natura, libro II): anatomia del rotolo LEONE, Giuliana

 Seeing the Whole Picture: Why Reading Greek Texts from Soknopaiou Nesos is not Enough LIPPERT, Sandra L.

 P.Mich. inv. 3443 LITINAS, Nikos

 Su alcuni desiderata della Papirologia Ercolanese Longo AURICCHIO, Francesca

 A Date for P.KRU 105? MACCOULL, L.S.B.

 P.Herc. 817 from Facsimiles to MSI: A Case for Practical Verification MACFARLANE, Roger T. A

Bilingual Account from the Aswan Quarries (O.Brookl.Dem. 180 / P.Brookl. 81) MAIRS, Rachel

 The Auditoria on Kom el-Dikka. A Glimpse of Late Antique Education in Alexandria MAJCHEREK, Grzegorz

 Texts in Context: A Methodological Case Study in the Topography of Talei MALOUTA, Myrto

 Le Signalement des Auteurs et Oeuvres Dans les Papyrus Littéraires Grecs de Médecine MARGANNE, Marie-Hélène

 75 ans de Bibliographie Papyrologique (1932–2007) MARTIN, Alain

 Very Small Scripts MCNAMEE, Kathleen

 Seasons of Death for Donors and Testators MEERSON, Michael

 Crittografia greca in Egitto: un nuovo testo MENCI, Giovanna

 Count Ammonios and Paying Taxes in the Name of Somebody Else MIRKOVIĆ, Miroslava

 Writing and Writers in Antiquity: Two “Spectra” in Greek Handwriting MUGRIDGE, Alan

A Late Ptolemaic Grapheion Archive in Berkeley MUHS, Brian

The Palau Ribes Papyrological Collection Rediscovered (P.PalauRib.Lit. 9 Re-Edited) NODAR, Alberto

Per una nuova edizione dei papiri di Tucidide PELLÉ, Natascia

A Patron and a Companion: Two Animal Epitaphs for Zenon of Caunos (P.Cair.Zen. IV 59532 = SH 977) PEPPER, Timothy W.

Buried Linguistic Treasure in the Babatha Archive PORTER, Stanley E.

Crime and Punishment in Early Islamic Egypt: The Arabic Papyrological Evidence REINFANDT, Luc

Picknick bei Asklepios? Ein griechisches Ostrakon aus Pergamon in der Berliner Papyrussammlung REITER, Fabian

 Incubation at Saqqâra RENBERG, Gil H.

 The Nile Waters, the Sun, and Capricorn: A Greek Prose Fragment in Ann Arbor RENNER, Timothy
Nuove letture nel cosiddetto secondo libro della Poetica di Filodemo RISPOLI, Gioia Maria; DEL MASTRO, Gianluca Conventions

Governing the Formatting of Documentary Titles and Passages in Demosthenes' Speeches SALEMENOU, Maroula

 Fragment of a Report of Proceedings (?) SARISCHOULI, Panagiota

 Book-Ends and Book-Layout in Papyri with Hexametric Poetry SCHIRONI, Francesca LONGO AURICCHIO, HOOGENDIJK, Francisca BAPLU, Nele; HUYS, Marc; SCHMIDT, Thomas

 Brief an einen Bischof SCHMELZ, Georg

 The Evolving Shape of the Papyrus Collection in Geneva SCHUBERT, Paul

 Considerazioni Sull'anatomia del P.Herc. 163 (Filodemo, La Ricchezza) SCOGNAMIGLIO, Elvira

 A Tale of Two Tongues? The Myth of the Sun's Eye and Its Greek Translation SIGNORETTI, Monica

Application of Astronomical Imaging Techniques to P.Herc. 118 STEPP, Russell A.;

WARE, Gene Osservazioni bibliologiche sull'Athenaion Politeia di Berlino STROPPA, Marco

 Fictitious Loans and Novatio: IG VII 3172, UPZ II 190, and CPJ 24 Reconsidered THÜR, Gerhard

 A Ptolemaic Lease Contract: P.Monts. Roca inv. no. 381 + 569 + 578 + 649

TOVAR, S. Torallas; WORP, K.A. Re-Mapping Karanis: Geographic Information Systems (GIS) and Site Analysis WILBURN, Drew Subject Index —