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Thursday, September 21, 2006

Publication: The Derveni Papyrus

Authorized editio princeps of the oldest Greek papyrus yet found.
Source: Papy-L 9/21/06
See also: R. Janko, ZPE 141, 2002, 1-62

Edited with Introduction and Commentary by
Theokritos Kouremenos, George M. Parássoglou
Kyriakos Tsantsanoglou
Studi e testi per il «Corpus dei papiri filosofici greci e latini», vol. 13
2006, cm 17 x 24, xvi-310 pp. con 30 tavv. f.t. 35,00 Euro.
[ISBN 88 222 5567 4]

"The burnt scroll from Derveni (Greece) is one of last century’s most interesting find. Dating back to the 4th century
B.C., it proves to be a precious witness to the history of orphism, religion and Greek philosophical thought. This is
the first, complete and official edition of the Derveni scroll, with papyrology section, translation, comment and index
of words. The complete reproductions of the scroll, hereby published for the first time, are of extreme importance. "

from Archaeogate, Papirologia


I. The find (K.Ts.)
II. The contents of the Derveni papyrus (Th.K.)
III. The quotations from Orpheus' poem (Th.K.)
IV. The contents of Orpheus' poem (Th.K.)
V. The Derveni author's cosmology (Th.K.)
VI. The Derveni author's aims (Th.K.)
VII. The Derveni author (Th.K.)

Text (K.Ts. - G.M.P.)

Translation (K.Ts. - G.M.P.)

Commentary (Th.K.)
col. II, p. 143; col. III, p. 146; col. IV, p. 148; col. V, p. 161; col. VI, p. 166; col. VII, p. 171; col. VIII, p. 174; col. IX, p. 176; col. X, p. 182; col. XI, p. 186; col. XII, p. 189; col. XIII, p. 193; col. XIV, p. 197; col. XV, p. 204; col. XVI, p. 213; col. XVII, p. 217; col. XVIII, p. 226; col. XIX, p. 229; col. XX, p. 233; col. XXI, p. 242; col. XXII, p. 253; col. XXIII, p. 256; col. XXIV, p. 260; col. XXV, p. 266; col. XXVI, p. 271.

Abbreviations and Bibliography
Index of Passages
Indices verborum et locorum
Plates (Reconstruction of the Roll: G.M.P. - K.Ts.)