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Sunday, April 01, 2007

Nahum COHEN, Greek documentary papyri from Egypt in the Berlin Aegyptisches Museum :

Greek Documentary Papyri from Egypt in the Berlin Aegyptisches Museum (P.Berl.Cohen)
edited by Nahum Cohen

Blurb from Oxbow books:

Twenty documentary papyri of the Roman period from the collection of the Aegyptisches Museum-Berlin are here published for the first time. All texts are equipped with full commentary and recent bibliography on relevant issues, as well as black-and-white photographs of each piece. The requisite indices complete the volume. 225p, 22 b/w pls. (American School of Papyrologists [sic!] 2006)

the correct series title is:
American Studies in Papyrology no. 44, 2007

The Table of Papyri for P.Berl.Cohen (= ASP 44):

Table of Papyri
1. Replacement for a Lost Syntaximon Receipt   1
2. Poll-Tax Receipt    14
3. Receipt for phoros boon    19
4-6. Three Receipts for Katoikic Taxes     28
7. Customs-House Receipt    44
8. Sale of a Female Donkey (?) at Kerkesoucha     50
9. Sale of a Donkey     59
10. Camel Declaration     65
11. Camel Declaration     76
12. Notice of Birth of a Girl     80
13. Letter Concerning the Rise of the Nile     92
14. Letter Concerning a Soldier    102
15. Letter to Sarapion, Haplonous Father     110
16. List of Workers (?)     118
17. List of Absentees from their Idia     122
18. Property Registration     133
19. Lease of Land     138
20. Four Byzantine Tax Receipts: Another Magistor Text     148

Source: worldcat
Thanks to the Series editor, A.E. Hanson, for provinding the Table of Papyri.