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Monday, February 04, 2008

BOWMAN, COLES, GONIS, OBBINK, PARSONS, Oxyrhynchus: A City and its Texts

Oxyrhynchus: A City and its Texts
edited by A K Bowman, R A Coles, N Gonis, D Obbink, and P J Parsons

The volume offers an account of Oxyrhynchus as an ancient city and archaeological site by surveying its material culture and art objects, including sculpture and draftsmanship, against the backdrop of the papyrus texts. It includes treatments of the site itself (city plan, topography, monuments, art and architecture), the history of the excavations in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries, as well as a synthesis of the study of social, cultural and intellectual life under Greek, Roman and Byzantine rule. Original contributions by E. G. Turner and W. M. F. Petrie are reprinted; the original archaeological reports are edited with notes. Price approx. 288p, 16 col pls (Graeco-Roman Memoirs 93, Egypt Exploration Society 2007)

List of Figures
List of Plates
List of Tables

1. Oxyrhynchus: A City and its Texts
Revel A. Coles
2. The Graeco-Roman Branch of the Egypt Exploration Society
E. G. Turner
[Appendix]: Grenfell and Hunt’s first ten years
3. News Reports: The Excavations and their Journalistic Coverage
Dominic Montserrat
Appendix: Concluding fragment of a lecture by Grenfell
4. Papyruskartell: The Papyri and the Movement of Antiquities
Alain Martin
5. Oxyrhynkhos Revisited
W. M. F. Petrie
6. The Great Theatre
Donald M. Bailey
7. Grave-Reliefs and Architectural Sculpture
Klaus Parlasca
Appendix: Grave reliefs in photographs by A. S. Hunt
8. The Italian Excavations
Rosario Pintaudi
9. The Kuwaiti Excavations, 1985-87
Géza Fehérvári
10. Recent Archaeological Work
Josep Padró

Papyri, Society, and Government
11. Roman Oxyrhynchus
E. G. Turner
12. Oxyrhynchus and Rome
E. G. Turner
13. Roman Oxyrhynchus: City and People
Alan K. Bowman
14. Family and Society in Roman Oxyrhynchus
Roger S. Bagnall
15. The Emergence of Municipal Offices in the Nome-Capitals of Egypt
Dieter Hagedorn
16. Oxyrhynchus and its Hinterland
Jane Rowlandson
17. The Food Supply
Michael Sharp
18. Latin Texts and Roman Citizens
J. David Thomas
Appendix: Latin texts from Oxyrhynchus

Literature, Art, and Science
19. Editing the New Finds: Glimpses from the Correspondence of A. S. Hunt
Luigi Lehnus
20. Scribes and Scholars
E. G. Turner
Appendix: Provisional list of scribal identifications
21. Scribes of Oxyrhynchus
Peter J. Parsons
22. Readers and Intellectuals
Dirk Obbink
Appendix: P.Oxy. XVIII 2192 revisited
23. The Schools
Raffaella Cribiore
24. Drawing a Fine Line in Oxyrhynchus
Helen Whitehouse
Appendix: Papyri illustrated in the plates
With J. J. Coulton
25. Astrologers and their Astronomy
Alexander Jones
26. New Testament Papyri and Transmission of the New Testament
Eldon Jay Epp
27. Coptic Oxyrhynchus
Sarah Clackson

28. Excavations at Oxyrhynchus (1896-1907)
Bernard P. Grenfell and Arthur S. Hunt
29. Objects from Oxyrhynchus in the British Museum and the Victoria and Albert
Donald M. Bailey

Index of Ancient Manuscripts (Papyri, Ostraca, Codices) and Inscriptions Cited
Index of Ancient and Mediaeval Works and Authors Cited
General Index


Announced as available on Papy-L, still listed "not yet published - advance orders taken" at Oxbow books US; the UK version lists it as available.
Thanks to Prof. Obbink for sending me a copy of the Table of Contents.