What's New in Papyrology

Recent publications of papyri & ostraca 4th BC-8th AD; conferences, lectures etc. from Papy-L and other sources as noted. PLEASE SEND SUGGESTIONS

Sunday, February 17, 2008


W. E. Metcalf "Two works on provincial coinage" (531) reviews: E. Christiansen, Coinage in Roman Egypt. The hoard evidence
A. K. Bowman "Military correspondence from Egypt’s Eastern Desert" (635) reviews: H. Cuvigny, Ostraka de Krokodilô. La correspondance militaire et sa circulation

S. Walker "Cleopatra packaged" (432) reviews: D. E. E. Kleiner, Cleopatra and Rome

R. S. Bagnall "The bouleutic merry-go-round" (639) reviews: L. E. Tacoma, Fragile hierarchies. The urban elites of third-century Roman Egypt

R. J. Cook "A guide to the sites of Ptolemaic, Roman and late-antique Egypt" (658) reviews: R. S. Bagnall and D. W. Rathbone, Egypt from Alexander to the Early Christians: an archaeological and historical guide

T. K. Thomas "A catalogue of Coptic art" (661) reviews: L. Török et al., After the Pharaohs. Treasures of Coptic art from Egyptian collections