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Monday, July 14, 2008

Il papiro di Artemidoro : (P.Artemid.).

Publisher's blurb
This important, finely produced work comprises the critical study of the papyrus of Artemidorus (fl. 100 B.C.), the Greek geographer born in Ephesus. The papyrus was first noted approximately 15 years ago when the news spread among papyrologists of a document with Greek text and many drawings owned by a private collector. It was finally acquired by the Fondazione per l’Arte della Compagnia di San Paolo in 2004 and exhibited publicly in Turin for the first time on the occasion of the Winter Olympics in 2006. Until then this outstanding papyrus was known only to a very limited number of scholars. The present work is fruit of intense studies and analysis over several years. In the opinion of the editors, these studies still do not exhaustively illustrate the vast patrimony of information contained in the papyrus. However, in view of the continuing academic interest in their research, they believe the publication of the results to date (with adequate reproductions of the original scroll, both in normal light and infra-red, in paper and digital form) will prove a stimulus to specialists of the various disciplines mentioned to dedicate further research to the specific aspects of the scroll which most interest them, thus extending the comprehensive value of the original studies. The work, which includes an extensive bibliography (p. 13-50), bibliographical notes and references, and indices, is articulated in six chapters as follows: Il rotolo; Il testo di Artemidoro – with diplomatic transcription, literary transcription and an apparatus; the Italian translation, and commentary; La carta; I disegni del Verso; I disegni del Recto; and finally Il contributo del papiro alla storia dell’arte antica. The accompanying volume, which opens with a list of plates and correspondencies, comprises 40 folded leaves of plates and is issued in a separate box with four loose folded leaves of plates and a DVD which comprises all the relative photographic material, both daylight and infra-red.

Not quite sure what a "vast patrimony of information" means.

Title: Il papiro di Artemidoro : (P.Artemid.).
Statement of responsibility: edito da Claudio Gallazzi, Bärbel Kramer, Salvatore Settis ; con la collaborazione di Gianfranco Adornato, Albio Cesare Cassio, Agostino Soldati
Place and publisher: Milano : LED
Year of publication: 2008
Format: 630 p : ill. (some col.) ; 36 cm + 1 v. (xl fold. l. of plates) + 4 loose fold. l. of plates + 1 DVD.
Notes: Half title: Fondazione per l'arte ... - Bibl. refs. - Also cont. ancient Greek text, with Italian transl. - Bound, issued in a case. - Artemidorus (fl. 100 B.C.).
Dewey D.C.: 091
LC Classification: PA
ISBN/ISSN: 978-88-7916-380-4
ISBN-13: 9788879163804
Price: 480,00 EUR (July 2008)

Source: Worldcat

Pdf file of introduction, and a few sample pages of the text, drawings etc. etc.