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Tuesday, November 04, 2008

H. Verreth, A survey of toponyms in Egypt in the Graeco-Roman period

From the introduction:
The Trismegistos database (www.trismegistos.org) has a geographical section that centres around the file called 'Places'. This file, which contains both ancient and modern toponyms, has been built up from two different angles. It lists, in the first place, every toponym in Egypt where a document incorporated in the database has been found or written. It used to contain, in the second place, all the toponyms from the Arsinoites that where studied in the Fayum Project , and all the toponyms with ethnics that were gathered for the publication of Csaba La'da, Prosopographia Ptolemaica X. Foreign ethnics in Hellenistic Egypt, 2002. Since so much material had already been gathered, we decided to extend the file and to start listing every toponym related to