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Friday, June 26, 2009

CONFERENCE: Variation and Change in Greek and Latin. Problems and Methods.

Variation and Change in Greek and Latin. Problems and Methods.

Finnish Institute at Athens, 17 - 20 September 2009


Each paper (30 min.) is followed by a discussion of 15 min.

Thursday 17 September

14.00-15.30 Registration (Finnish Institute, Zitrou 16)

Session 1, Chair: Martti Leiwo

16.00 Martti Leiwo Opening

16.15 Heikki Solin Title later

19.00 Refreshments offered by the director of the Institute at his residence

Friday 18 September

Session 1, Chair: Heikki Solin

9.30 Pierluigi Cuzzolin What is linguistic variation and what is linguistic difference in Greek and

10.15 Paolo Poccetti Reflexes of variations in Latin and Greek through neither Latin nor Greek

Coffee Break 11.00-11.30

Session 2, Chair: Eleanor Dickey

11.30 Trevor Evans Aspects of Linguistic Diversity in the
Zenon Archive

12.15 Marja Vierros Egyptian transfer features in Greek. The
case of bilingual notaries in Hellenistic

13.00 Lunch

Session 3, Chair: Paolo Poccetti

15.00 Martti Leiwo What is variation and what is not? An
analysis of Greek ostraca letters

15.45 Giovanbattista Galdi The nominative plural ending in Latin
inscriptions, with special regard to the
first declension

Coffee Break 16.30-17.00

Session 4, Chair: Rolando Ferri

17.00 Eleanor Dickey Latin influence on Greek

17.45 David Langslow Typologies of translation techniques in
Greek and Latin

20.00 Buffet Dinner at the Ambassador’s Residence (Transport by bus)

Saturday 19 September

Session 1, Chair: David Langslow

9.30 Gerd Haverling Literary Late Latin and the development
of the spoken language

10.15 Kalle Korhonen Greek in contact with Arabic in medieval
Sicily. Onomastics and linguistic identity

Coffee Break 11.00-11.30

Session 2, Chair: Pierluigi Cuzzolin

11.30 Rolando Ferri Saying no in Roman comedy: a
case of pragmatic variation

12.15 Peter Kruschwitz Nothing ever really changes: Rome's
'epigraphic revolution' from a linguistic

13.00 Lunch

Session 3, Chair: Gerd Haverling

15.00 Philomen Probert Attic in the non-Atticist Greek
Grammatical Tradition

15.45 Hilla Halla-aho What does ‘Latin’ mean, and related

16.30 Final Discussion

20.00 Colloquium Dinner

Sunday 20 September

An excursion outside Athens.