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Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Alan Bowman and Andrew Wilson, Quantifying the Roman Economy

Quantifying the Roman Economy
Methods and Problems
Edited by Alan Bowman and Andrew Wilson

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ISBN13: 9780199562596
ISBN10: 0199562598
Hardback, 360 pages
Aug 2009, Not Yet Published

1. Introduction. Quantifying the Roman economy: integration, growth, decline? , Alan Bowman & Andrew Wilson

I. Urbanization
2. Urbanization as a proxy of demographic and economic growth , Elio Lo Cascio

3. Response to Elio Lo Cascio , Roger Bagnall

II. Field survey and demography
4. Archaeology, demography, and Roman economic growth , Willem Jongman

5. Peopling the countryside: Roman demography in the Albegna Valley and Jerba , Elizabeth Fentress

6. Peopling ancient landscapes: potential and problems , David Mattingly

III. Agriculture

7. Quantifying Egyptian agriculture , Alan Bowman

8. Response to Alan Bowman , Roger Bagnall

IV. Trade
9. Approaches to quantifying Roman trade , Andrew Wilson

10. Approaches to quantifying Roman trade: response , Michael Fulford

11. A comment on Andrew Wilson: 'Approaches to quantifying Roman trade' , William Harris

V. Coinage
12. Coinage and metal supply , Bruce Hitchner

13. Roman silver coinage: mints, metallurgy, and production , Matthew Ponting

14. Some numismatic approaches to quantifying the Roman economy , Chris Howgego

VI. Prices, earnings and standards of living

15. Earnings and costs: living standards and the Roman economy , Dominic Rathbone

16. How prosperous were the Romans? , Bob Allen

17. New ways of studying incomes in the Roman economy , Walter Scheidel