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Thursday, June 06, 2013

Round-table discussion: Soknopaios, the temple and worship

The Chairs of Papyrology and Egyptology of the University of Salento, to celebrate 20 years of activities of the Centro di Studi Papirologici organize a round-table on:
Soknopaios, the temple and worship
Lecce, 9-10 October 2013
Museo Papirologico, Studium 2000, via di Valesio
Wednesday, October 9, 16:30
M. Capasso and P. Davoli, directors of the Soknopaiou Nesos Project, and L. Trombi, main sponsor of the excavations since 2004, will present the new rooms of the Museo Papirologico. The maestro Giuseppe Manisco will present a 1:200 plastic model of Dime.
A reception will follow.
Thursday, October 10 Round-table: Soknopaios, the temple and worship Aula Multimediale SIBA, Studium 2000

Opening of the works. Chair: N. Pellé

P. Davoli, The temple as a spatial and architectural reality

M. Capasso, The contribution of the Greek texts (papyri and inscriptions) 
Coffee break

M. Stadler, Gleanings from the House of Life at Soknopaiou Nesos: the theologian at work in the 
Roman Fayyum

S. Lippert,
Buffet lunch

Afternoon session. Chair: G. Messeri

M. Schentuleit, Organization and procedure in the priesthood

C. Arlt, The Temple administration in Ptolemaic Soknopaiou Nesos 
E. Papi, The temple of Dionysias: comparanda


Chapels, chambers and gateways - The religious architecture of

Soknopaiou Nesos according to the Demotic documentary papyri
The organizers welcome colleagues and students interested on the topic. Attendance is free of charge. Please confirm your participation by September 30th . Contacts: paola.davoli@unisalento.it , mario.capasso@unisalento.it
Please visit the Museo Papirologico web site: www.museopapirologico.eu