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Monday, November 25, 2013

One more SBL Paper

Amulets from Oxyrhynchus with New Testament Citations  
Brice Jones

This paper offers an analysis of a few of the amulets from Oxyrhynchus that contain New Testament citations (P.Oxy. VIII 1077; VIII 1151; LXIV 4406). The study is part of a larger project on the non-continuous manuscripts of the Greek New Testament in which, among other types of non-continuous materials, all extant New Testament amulets (in Greek) will be catalogued and studied in detail. In this preliminary study, we shall attend to matters palaeographical and textual in an effort to establish a better picture of these texts collectively, and to see how they may assist us in text-critical endeavors as well as in our questions concerning the early Christians from Oxyrhynchus. Thus, the analysis will nuance our perspective on Christians and their texts from Oxyrhynchus, but it will also have methodological implications for our treatment of Christian amulets generally.