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Friday, August 15, 2014

ZPE 191 (2014)

Antonopoulos, A. P., Two Puzzling Phrases at Soph. Ichn. 179 and 182 (P.Oxy. IX. 1174,
Col. VII. 15 and 18) 36

Arnaoutoglou, I. N., Displaying a Proof of Ownership in Roman Pamphylia 185

Avram, A. – Tsetskhladze, G. R., A New Attalid Letter from Pessinus 151

Battistoni, F., A New Council from Sicily (Tauromenion) 195

Bernard, S. G., Ballast, Mining, and Stone Cargoes in the Lex portorii Asiae 182

Bettenworth, A., Sapphos Amme: Ein Beitrag zum neuen Sapphofragment (Brothers Poem) 15

Bonanno, M. G., Una congettura al Fragmentum Grenfellianum 59

Brockmann, S. – Glintenkamp, J., Neues zu einem Kölner Weihaltar 294

Bruce, W., A Rupestral Boundary Marker in the Marble Quarries South of Sardis 193

Camodeca, G., La carriera di T. Statilius Severus, cos. ord. 171, in una nuova iscrizione calena 285

Clinton, K., Mysteria at Ephesus 117

Di Stefano Manzella, I., Il graffito ante cocturam CIL VI 16621 = IGVR 731: titulus
sepulcralis o locatio operis figulini? 297

Eck, W. – Pangerl, A., Ein Diplom für einen proreta der classis Pannonica, vielleicht
aus dem Jahr 98 261

Eck, W., Zwei neue Diplome für die Truppen von Dacia superior und Dacia Porolissensis 269

Eck, W. – Pangerl, A. – Weiß, P., Ein drittes Exemplar des Edikts Hadrians zugunsten
von Prätorianern vom Jahr 119 n. Chr. 266

Engelmann, H. – Içten, C. – Muss, U., Künstler im Artemision von Ephesos (Alkamenes, Eugnotos, Sopolis) 99

Felle, A. E., Perspectives on the Digital Corpus of the Christian Inscriptions of Rome (Epigraphic Database Bari). Contexts and Texts 302

Fernández-Delgado, J.-A., On the Cologne Sappho Papyrus 21

Glintenkamp, J. – Brockmann, S., Neues zu einem Kölner Weihaltar 294

Gómez-Pantoja, J. L., Miles Ale F(- - -) 282

Gonis, N., Notes on Miscellaneous Documents IV 198 

Gonis, N., Three Documents from Byzantine Oxyrhynchus Revisited 256

Hornblower, S., The Name of the Historian Polybios 82

Johnston, S. I., Goddesses with Torches in the Getty Hexameters and Alcman fr. 94 32

Keen, P. – Petzl, G., Two ‘Migrating Stones’ with Three Inscriptions 189

Kotyl, M., A List of Culinary Products and an Account on an Early Ptolemaic Ostracon
(O.Giss. inv. 109 + 307) 203

Lentini, G., Sappho’s Husband in Sapph. fr. 213A e V. (= P. Oxy. XXIX 2506, fr. 45)? 25

Litinas, N., P.Corn. 34 recto: Just the Weft and Warp, After All! 253

Liverani, P., Prudenzio e l’epigramma absidale di S. Pietro – nuove osservazioni 93

Maravela, A., Women in P.Würzb. 3? 90

Marginesu, G., Compiuto, incompiuto e interrotto nell’edilizia ateniese di età classica:
Note epigrafiche 129

Marshall, C. W. – Ripat, P., Enjoying a Slave Woman in P. Oxy. LXXIV 5019 231

Mascellari, R., Nuova edizione di una petizione di epoca traianea: P.Iand. inv. 16 = SB X 10218
(con un’appendice sul termine ἐκδικία) 235

Miller, J., Epigraphical Evidence for Citizenship in Third-Century B.C. Athens 141 

van Minnen, P., A Note on P.Amh. II 79 249 –, Another Copy of P.Mich. XVIII 792 251

Monson, A., Receipts for sitônion, syntaxis, and epistatikon from Karanis: Evidence for
Fiscal Reform in Augustan Egypt? 207

Nünlist, R., Das Schiff soll unversehrt sein, nicht voll! Zu Sapphos neuem Lied über die Brüder 13

Piccione, R. M., Considerazioni bibliologiche e paleografiche su P.Heid. inv. G 310 e 310a 61

Pirenne-Delforge, V. – Pironti, G., Héra et Zeus à Lesbos: entre poésie lyrique et décret civique 27

Prauscello, L. – Ucciardello, G., Hands and Book-rolls in P.Oxy. 4411: the First Extant Papyrus Witness for Plato’s Critias (P.Oxy. 4411, frr. 88–90+92+94–95) 47

Sánchez Natalías, C., “... ut illam ducas ...” Una nueva interpretación de la defixio
contra Salpina 278

Taylor, B., Diogenes of Oinoanda on the Meaning of ‘Pleasure’ (NF 192) 84

Weiß, P. – Eck, W. – Pangerl, A., Ein drittes Exemplar des Edikts Hadrians zugunsten von Prätorianern vom Jahr 119 n. Chr. 266

West, M. L., Nine Poems of Sappho 1 West, St., Notes on P.Oxy. 1802 + 4812 (the Oxyrhynchus Glossary) 39

Fowler, R. L., Addendum to ZPE 172, 2010, 55–64 (‘Paul Maas’s Athenaeus’) 46