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Sunday, February 15, 2015

BMCR review of P.Oxy. LXXIX

W. B. Henry, P. J. Parsons (ed.), The Oxyrhynchus Papyri. Volume LXXIX, [N° 5183-5218]. Graeco-Roman memoirs, 100.   London:  Egypt exploration society, 2014.  Pp. x, 220; 8 p. of plates.  ISBN 9780856982194.  $170.00.  

Reviewed by William J. Slater, McMaster University (slaterw@mcmaster.ca)
Over 20 scholars have participated in this edition and there is a valuable appendix : "Games competitors and performers in Roman Egypt" by S. Remijsen pp. 190-206. This is a useful idea, because a good portion of the papyri presented here were the subject of a meeting and seminar at the British Academy in June 2012, which focused on papyri that were relevant to games and performances. (This reviewer was present.) Some of the papyri here are of extraordinary interest far beyond the world of sport and festival in antiquity, and will be highlighted.
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