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Sunday, April 08, 2007

NYU Hires Renowned Classicist From Columbia U. to Lead New Institute

NYU Hires R.S. Bagnall (Columbia) to Lead New Institute

New York University has taken a page from the empires of antiquity by carrying off a prize from a rival kingdom. The prize is a renowned professor at Columbia University who, in an announcement expected today, will be joining the NYU faculty.

The scholar is Roger S. Bagnall, a longtime professor at Columbia who is leading its archaeological project at Amheida, in the Dakhleh Oasis of Egypt. He will become the director of NYU’s new Institute for the Study of the Ancient World in July. The institute “will undertake a new and revolutionary approach to the study of antiquity, crossing geographic boundaries and cultures,” said John E. Sexton, NYU’s president.

NYU Press release about the Institute

Source: Chronicle for Higher Education online, D. Meadow's Rogue Classicism