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Monday, July 28, 2008

Journal of Egyptian History (1) 2008

(all articles are available free as pdf files now)

Journal of Egyptian History

ISSN 1874-1657

Volume 1, Number 1, 2008


Journal of Egyptian History: Preface
pp. 1-2(2)
Author: Schneider, Thomas

Regarding the Eisagogeus (εισαγωευς) At Ptolemaic Law Courts
pp. 3-19(17)
Author: Allam, Schafik

Zur Reflexion Ptolemäischer Geschichte In Den ägyptischen Tempeln Aus Der Zeit Ptolemaios IX. Philometor II./Soter II. Und Ptolemaios X. Alexander I. (116-80 V. CHR.) Teil 1: Die Bau- Und Dekorationstätigkeit
pp. 21-77(57)
Authors: Caßor-Pfeiffer, Silke

Profit or Exploitation?
The Production of Private Ramesside Tombs Within the West Theban Funerary Economy
pp. 79-115(37)
Author: Cooney, Kathlyn M.

Function and Significance of the Ebers Calendar's Lone Feast-Hieroglyph (Gardiner Sign-List W3)
pp. 117-138(22)
Author: Depuydt, Leo

Some Remarks on the Foreign Policy of Psammetichus II in the Levant (595-589 B.C.)
pp. 139-157(19)
Author: Kahn, Dan'el

King Seneferka in the King-lists and His Position in the Early Dynastic Period
pp. 159-173(15)
Author: Ryholt, Kim
Method and Theory

Geschichtswissenschaft Am Beginn Des 21. Jahrhunderts: Themen, Methoden Und Tendenzen in Internationaler Perspektive
pp. 175-200(26)
Author: Raphael, Lutz

Notes for Contributors
pp. 201-205(5)