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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

CLGP I v. 1 fasc. 3: Apollonius Rhodius (M Haslam), Aratus (R. Luiselli), Aristides (M. Sroppa) Archilochus (A. Porro),

Commentaria et Lexica Greca in Papyris reperta (CLGP)
ediderunt G. Bastianini, M. Haslam, H. Maehler, F. Montanari, C. Römer, adiuvante M. Stroppa

Pars I. Vol. 1. Fasc. 3. Apollonius Rhodius – Aristides

Apollonius Rhodius, cur. M. Haslam
Aratus, cur. R. Luiselli
Archilochus, cur. A. Porro
Aristides, cur. M. Stroppa

Berlin/Boston, de Gruyter 2011, XXXVI + 200 pp. + V tabb.

ISBN 978-3-11-019502-6
e-ISBN 978-3-11-023902-7