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Wednesday, June 13, 2012

E.G. Turner, GMAW to be re-issued.

Reblogged from Brice Jones' The Quaternion

E.G. Turner's Greek Manscripts of the Ancient World is Coming Back in Print!

This is such exciting news. Turner's GMAW is the standard work on paleography still today. It went out of print years ago, and the good used copies that do appear online sell for hundreds of dollars. I am extremely happy to learn of this development. My only hope is that the ICS will make the volume affordable to researchers. One of the directors of the Institute of Classical Studies in London informed me that they are planning a reprint of Eric G. Turner's Greek Manuscripts of the Ancient World (GMAW) and have the images which will be required. They will be keeping me posted about the timeline. Although there is no word yet on a date for publication, the ICS person estimated "6 months to a year."