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Wednesday, December 11, 2013

New Digital images from the British Library

Egerton Gospel (P. Lond. Christ. 1, P. Egerton 2)  … Mid 2nd AD

The Aristotelian Constitution of Athens (Ἀθηναίων Πολιτεία), and other texts … 78-c 100 AD

Deed of sale of a slave boy (P. Lond. I 229), with original seals … 24 May 166 AD

Papryus codex, imperfect, containing tax register from early Arab Egypt (P. Lond. IV 1419) … 716-717 AD

Gospel of Thomas fragment (in Greek), written on the back of a survey list (P. Lond. Lit. 222, P. Oxy. IV 654, TM 62840) … end of the 2nd-3rd AD

Fragment of Old Latin Genesis (P. Lond. Lit. 200, P. Oxy. VIII 1073, TM 62044) … 2nd half of 5th AD

Sophocles, Ichneutae, fragments (P. Lond. Lit. 67; P. Oxy. IX 1174, P. Oxy. IX 1175 [=Papyrus 2069] fr.46 and P. Oxy. XVII 2081a; TM 62741) … 2nd half of the 2nd AD